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How To Become Vegan When You're A Picky Eater?
If you’re a picky eater considering going vegan, don’t worry – it is possible! Here are some tips on becoming vegan despite your picky eating habits. However, if you want...
Orange Juice
What Are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices?
There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of juice. Fresh juice is hard to beat, whether it is part of your morning routine, a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day, or a nutritious element...
6 Signs of Good Quality Protein Powder
Integrating protein into your diet is integral to your health and fitness journey. Many studies show that eating protein spread over 4-5 meals instead of 1-2 protein-dense meals is...
Vegan Pizza
What Is A Vegan Pizza?
A vegan pizza is a pizza that does not contain any animal products, including cheese. Vegan pizzas are made with plant-based ingredients and are dairy-free and egg-free. Keep on reading...
Should You Go Sugar-Free on A Vegan Diet?
Veganism is a beautiful life choice that has some fantastic health benefits. However, as a vegan, you need to ensure a balanced diet to avoid hormone disruptions, iron deficiencies,...
Vegan protein sources
5 Protein-Rich Vegan Recipes to Fuel Your Active Lifestyle
As a vegan, I often get the question, “Where do you get your protein?” If you are newly vegan and you haven’t been asked this question yet, you will. So be ready for...