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Manila, Philippines - Sept 2020: Cheetos is a brand of ruffled (crinkle-cut) potato chips made by Frito-Lay. Cheddar and Sour cream flavor variant on an aisle at a supermarket
Are Ruffles Vegan? Unpacking Snack Ingredients for Plant-Based Eaters
When scanning the snack aisle for a treat that fits your vegan diet, you might stop at a bag of Ruffles and wonder if it’s an option. Understanding whether this famous brand of...
Everett, WA USA - circa June 2022: Close up view of Spaghetti-Os for sale inside a Fred Meyer grocery store
Are Spaghettios Vegetarian? Unveiling the Truth
Have you ever found yourself in the grocery aisle, scrutinizing the back of a SpaghettiO can with a puzzled look? If you’re living the vegetarian life, you know the drill: checking...
Navigating the World of Kosher Gelatin: From Source to Table
Kosher gelatin is a product that sparks curiosity and concern for those following a kosher diet, as well as for vegans who are vigilant about animal-derived ingredients in their food....
best vegan omega 3 supplement
What Are the Health Benefits of Omega-3? (7 Things to Know)
We’re all told that having plenty of Omega-3 in our diet is essential, but it’s hard to motivate yourself to make this positive change without knowing why. With that in mind, let’s...
Catering food table set decoration
The Art of Food Selection for Your Wedding: A Culinary Journey
Selecting the proper cuisine and catering service can elevate your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. This article will explore the intricacies of food selection for your wedding,...
Food blogger cooking fresh vegan salad of fruits in kitchen studio, filming tutorial on camera for video channel. Female influencer holds apple, pineapple and talks about healthy eating
Sustaining Your Passion: Merging Vegan Advocacy with Digital Content Creation
The Power of Digital Advocacy for Veganism In the digital age, the power to influence is no longer exclusive to multi-million dollar brands or mainstream media. Today, anyone with a...