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croscarmellose sodium is an internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose for use as a super disintegrant in pharmaceutical formulations
The Scoop on Cellulose Gum: Is it Vegan-Friendly?
Cellulose gum is used in several foods, personal hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, and laundry detergents. It is a food additive that stabilizes foods, gives them consistent textures,...
Dehydrated vegetables heap isolated on white as a snack for vegetarians
Organic Dehydrated Vegetables: Nutritious and Vibrant Natural Food Coloring
The demand for organic and natural food options has significantly increased in today’s health-conscious society. With the desire to consume wholesome and nutritious products,...
Healthy meal prep containers with quinoa, avocado, corn, zucchin
The Ultimate Guide To Cheap Vegetarian Meal Preap (Cook For The Whole Week)
Are you trying to stick to a budget while still eating healthy? If so, then this post is for you. We will cover everything from weekly menu planning and cost-effective recipes to creating...
Variety of fresh bagels
Are Bagels Vegan? Here’s What You Need to Know
Bagels have become a delicious breakfast staple thanks to their easy pairing with sweet and savory toppings. However, if you have recently embraced veganism, you may ask yourself: are...
Is Bread Vegan? What to Look Out for When Picking Your Loaf
Bread in its various forms is a staple food in most homes, but for many people embracing a vegan diet, it’s natural that they would want to know – is bread vegan? The answer to the...
Young man with a stomach ache
A Better Understanding of the Different Types of Food Contamination
Food contamination could have some serious consequence for both businesses and consumers alike. It could be harmful for the health of consumers, and safety can greatly affect the business’s...