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5 Myths About Veganism Debunked
Plant-based diets are an extremely healthy way of eating. That said, there are several myths surrounding plant-based diets. Many people get confused between vegan and vegetarian diets,...
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How do Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Compare?
There are a lot of different terms and sayings when it comes to the cosmetic industry that is worthwhile knowing. If you’ve been using beauty and cosmetic products for most of your...
seaweeds - diet supplements
4 Ways to Take Sea Moss
If you’ve been on social media lately or have visited any health food stores, chances are you’ve seen or heard of sea moss gel. This new “superfood” has taken the internet and the natural...
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7 Simple Tricks To Build More Muscle On A Strict Vegan Diet In 2022
Veganism has been a trending topic for the last few decades. It transitioned from a tiny movement to a mainstream health obligation. But can we build muscle on a strict vegan diet? ...
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Why Fresh Fit Meals is a No-Brainer Meal Delivery Service
Are your daily meals starting to feel like they are rotating between the same foods every other day? No matter how many recipes you have to pull from, you may feel too exhausted to...
Intestines Sketch with Guts Bacteria
Your Gut Health On A Vegan Diet - What You Need to Know
Research continues to prove to us what Hippocrates said a couple of millennia ago; gut health is vital to having a healthy mind and body. Since the digestive system powers the body...