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Captivating Food Photos - Serious Reasons to Take Pictures of Your Meals
Captivating food photos becomes a hobby for many because it combines creativity and tasty experiences. It’s like an art that you can eat!  Sharing dishes allows you to...
Debunking 9 Common Myths About the Vegan Lifestyle
We’ve gathered insights from nine experts, including CEOs and a CMO, to debunk common myths about the vegan lifestyle. From being just a diet to not having enough protein, these...
Young woman travel in Venice, Italy, Europe
7 Tips for Navigating Non-Vegan Environments as a Vegan
Navigating non-vegan environments can be a challenge for vegans. To help, we’ve gathered seven insightful tips from founders, CEOs, and travel bloggers. Discover how these experts...
August 1, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the Dunkin Donuts logo seen displayed on a smartphone
Tips for Getting Your Dunkin Birthday A Guide to Claiming Your Free Treat
Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular coffee chain that offers a reward program for its customers. One of the rewards is a birthday freebie, which entitles the member to a free beverage...
Vegetarian bagel sandwich with fresh veggies and arugula salad,
7 Vegan Dishes That Are Perfect For Your Lunch
Overwhelmed with what to have for lunch? Numerous studies suggest adding more plant-based foods to your diet for better health and environmental benefits. If you are on the lookout...
A Nourishing Path: Exploring Food Therapy for Mind and Body Wellness
Food therapy is an emerging field that focuses on using specific foods and eating habits to help improve mental and physical health. This approach recognizes the importance of food...