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Young brunette woman with blue eyes holding paper with cruelty free message happy with big smile doing ok sign, thumb up with fingers, excellent sign
Is Neutrogena Cruelty-Free? A Vegan's Guide
Find out if Neutrogena is cruelty-free and learn about vegan alternatives to their products. Get the facts on is neutrogena cruelty free and what vegans can do.
Tootsie roll candy on white background, copy space
Are Tootsie Rolls Vegan? Uncovering the Dairy-Filled Truth
Find out if tootsie rolls are vegan-friendly or not. Uncover the truth about the dairy-filled ingredients and explore alternatives, health benefits, shopping tips, and nutrition facts.
businessman smoking cigar with multicultural business team spending time behind
6 Tips for Choosing Alcoholic Drinks to Compliment Cigars
If you’re in the mood to order a round of drinks, it’s easy to assume that ordering cocktails will be the best route. But many cigar lovers have found that they can enjoy...
Raw Yellow Organic Nutritional Yeast
The Best Nutritional Yeast Substitutes for Vegans
Discover the best nutritional yeast substitutes for vegans and learn how to use them in recipes for a delicious, nutritious meal!
5 Sodas That Are Vegan
While not the healthiest choice, sodas are excellent pick-me-up beverages that everyone craves now and then. If you have recently turned to veganism, you may have questions about enjoying...
8 Tricks to Achieving Your Fitness Goals in the New Year
It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions for our fitness goals. Whether it be losing weight, getting stronger, or improving our balance, many people will have started...