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Homemade vegan pumpkin scones with thyme and seeds on wooden table with herbal tea
Delicious and Nutritious: The Best Vegan Scones for a Healthy Treat
The British scone is a biscuit-like quickbread that’s craggy, tender, and flaky. Traditionally, the flour or oatmeal base requires dairy butter and milk, but it doesn’t mean you cannot...
Homemade strawberry ice cream
Best Vegan Ice Cream Brands: Creamy and Dairy-Free Delights
As summer fast approaches in the northern hemisphere, you will undoubtedly start craving more ice cream. As a vegan, you want to know which dairy-free delights are great for cooling...
Bests tips for making perfect chocolate
Bests tips for making perfect chocolate
Who can resist the fascination of chocolate? Its rich, velvety texture and indulgent taste make it a beloved treat worldwide. While enjoying chocolate is easy, perfecting the art of...
7 Protein-Packed Breakfasts to Fuel Your Workouts
7 Protein-Packed Breakfasts to Fuel Your Workouts
As a fitness junkie, you’re bound to be as confused as everyone else when it comes to diet. What should you eat? Should you workout before or after breakfast? Proteins, carbs,...
Fresh baked  pasties
Best Vegan Empanadas: Flavorful Plant-Based Recipes
You will find deliciously filled baked or fried pastries worldwide, but none are as famous as the empanada. Empanada means “breaded” in Spanish and forms a significant part of Spanish...
Eggnog with cinnamon
Best Vegan Eggnog: Creamy and Dairy-Free Holiday Recipes
Traditionally made with milk, cream, eggs, and spices, eggnog often includes the addition of rum or other liquor. Some people even combine whipped egg whites. This deliciously creamy...