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How To Host A Great BBQ
Summer is a great time to have a BBQ. You can get friends and family out in the fresh air, under the summer sun, with the smell of charcoal and whatever you’re cooking wafting...
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5 World-Class Athletes That Are Dominating Their Sport On A Vegan Diet
Despite long-held beliefs that professional athletes need a high-protein diet based on animal products and many calories, research has shown that following a vegan diet still allows...
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How to Practice Intermittent Fasting On A Vegan Diet The Right Way
While intermittent fasting remains one of the most popular eating patterns, you are wondering if it is possible to combine it with a vegan diet to lose weight. Or perhaps you are a...
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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Try A Vegan Diet
Are you thinking of trying a vegan diet? If so, you’re in good company. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, with celebrities like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus swearing for their...
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6 Tips to Understand the Relationship with Food and Exercise
Both eating right and exercising can have a positive effect on your health. You need to understand the relationship between the food you eat and the exercise you take and how to use...
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6 Surprising Food Items Made From Grain Products
Many people don’t realize that certain “grain-based” items on their grocer’s shelves are a product of legumes (lentil, red or white beans). It is because these...
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Summer Ice Pea SoupBy maryhongIt's a tasty sweet food.It is delicious and is best when you let it sit overnight.
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