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Best Vegan Schnitzel: Crispy and Plant-Based Recipes
Schnitzel is a breaded cutlet fried to crispy perfection. Most people associate it with thinly sliced meat like veal, pork, or chicken since the name comes from the German word “schnitt,”...
Dark chocolate with mint leaf
How to Make Vegan Chocolate: A Simple Guide
One of the cravings that people love to satisfy is chocolate. Cocoa powder comes from processed cacao beans, and in its raw form, it’s vegan. When chocolates hit the shelves, the raw...
10 Fantastic Foods to Eat if You're Trying to Lose Weight
Shedding pounds doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor or satisfaction at the dining table. Contrary to what some might believe, a weight loss journey can coincide with enjoying...
Vector of a woman sleeping inside a bottle of pills
Sleep-Enhancing Food Supplements: Add These to Your Diet
You’re not alone if you struggle to get a good night’s sleep. According to the American Sleep Association, 50-70 million adults in the United States have some sleep disorder....
Great variety of different multicolored snacks on the wedding bu
Sustainable Wedding Planning: Vegan Food and Flower Choices
Hey there, eco-conscious lovebirds! Dreaming of a wedding that’s as kind to Mother Earth as it is magical? Then saddle up for some sustainability with a side of romance. We’re...
Lactose-free vegan caramel made from coconut milk, homemade dulce de lethe
How to Make Vegan Caramel: Sweet and Dairy-Free Delights
There are two types of caramel: creamy and clear. Clear caramel contains only heated sugar. However, the more velvety forms of caramel are typically not vegan because they have dairy,...