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Confused young african woman choosing between meat and vegetables
9 Surprising Things that Happen to Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat
Between all the opinions and speculations, what are the hard facts about your body's reaction to switching to a plant-based diet?
How to Run An Ultramarathon On Plant-Based Meals?
ultramarathon runners have embraced plant-based diets to help them become better runners. Here’s how you can too.
Vegan Food for Ethical Eating
The Pros and Cons of Eating Vegan Meat Substitutes
Here’s a look at the pros and cons of plant-based meats for those mindful of the environment and their health.
Nutritious products containing vitamin B3, fiber and natural minerals, healthy lifestyle and nutrition concept
Three Ways to Incorporate Niacin into Your Routine
B Vitamins have become very popular in recent years. See how easy and beneficial it is to add Niacin to your daily routine.
The Top 7 Plant-Based Protein Powder to Try For Spring
The new year is when resolutions are made but come springtime, we’re all in need of some extra motivation.  Even something simple like trying a new exercise regimen or protein...
Pescetarian diet plan ingredients
How to Get Natural B12 in Your Body with a Pescatarian Diet
Many enthusiastic beginners on a vegan or vegetarian ritual may not be aware of the danger of getting a B12 deficiency and its serious consequences.