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Vegan chickpeas burgers
The Positive Effects On Your Body if You Eat Vegan for A Month
Increasingly, veganism is becoming popular for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. However, before giving up on milk, eggs, honey, and your favorite cut of meat, you may ask...
stop eating meat
How to Convince Your Meat-Loving Friend to Give Vegan Foods A Chance?
Convincing meat consumers to change their eating choices requires some extraordinary tact if you want to do it correctly. Eating just plant-based foods or veganism is healthier than...
What Is Vegan Shrimp Made Of?
A vegan lifestyle has become more popular as people strive to adopt a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. But what does the term mean? Veganism is abstaining from animal products,...
Are Ramen Noodles Vegan?
Are ramen noodles vegan? Ramen noodles get a bad rep. They are often seen as unhealthy college dorm room food. But, believe it or not, ramen noodles can be vegan simply because they...
Is Peanut Butter Vegan?
Have you ever wondered if peanut butter is vegan? You’re not alone! A lot of people are curious about this question. The answer is…it depends! There are a few different...
Cocoa butter vith nibs
Is Cocoa Butter Vegan?
Is cocoa butter vegan? Cocoa butter is vegan derived from the cocoa bean. It is often used in cosmetic products, such as lip balms and lotions, because of its moisturizing properties....