Vegan Eats in LA: The Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants for Plant-Based Foodies

In Las Angeles, plant-based and vegan diet enthusiasts have an incredible selection of eating spots that have surpassed placing a few vegetables and tofu on a plate. As veganism grows across the States, Los Angeles has taken it to another level with incredible flavors and platings, thanks to the fact that plant-based eating has become the norm here.

 In the city, the restaurant scene is ripe with plant-based eateries where you can enjoy anything from casual dinners to some of the finest gourmet dining experiences that even sworn meat-eaters will enjoy!

1.     Nic’s on Beverly

Nic’s on Beverly is a vegetarian restaurant serving brunch, lunch, and supper. Besides its delicious vegan pizzas with nut-based cheese and crispy edges, Nic’s on Beverly serves some of the most imaginative plant-based dishes, including burgers and southern-fried oyster mushrooms.

Nic Adler from Monty’s Good Burger created this gorgeous sit-down restaurant with Jason Eisner and Steven Fretz (a chef). Chef Jared Simons, formerly the owner of LA’s Teca Vega, recently took over the kitchen and has introduced a solid menu that wins everyone’s approval.

2.     Bulan Thai

Based in Silver Lake, Bulan Thai has won its place as a favorite for vegans on the Eastside. The tiny restaurant serves soy-based Thai favorites like duck curry, deep-fried orange chicken, pad Thai, tom yum soup, and satay. The aromas and tastes of Bulan Thai never disappoint.

3.     Café Gratitude

Founded by Terces and Matthew Englehart, Café Gratitude now boasts five locations across LA. The vibe is all about affirmations. You will also notice this in how the staff addresses you and the names given to the gorgeously composed dishes and drinks made from locally sourced products. Even non-vegans will delight in the delicious foods and decadent desserts like the Korean pulled mushroom slides and tiramisu. Expect also to find a range of raw desserts on the menu.

4.     Crossroads

In Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, chef/owner Tal Ronnen has continued to serve creative and inventive meat-free food since 2013. He has since opened a second location in Calabasas. Whether you feel like a snack or a substantial dish, the menu features delightful dairy-free options, including “egg yolk” on the carbonara made from tomato that bursts like the real thing, mushroom “scallops, and shitake “bacon.”

Expect to rub shoulders with celebrities and fashionable people of all ages at Crossroads.

5.     Berbere

In downtown Santa Monica, Berbere is an Ethiopian restaurant serving African-inspired vegan dishes. Fasting is an essential part of the culture for half of Ethiopia’s population. They abstain from meat and animal products for more than half the year.

Tezeta “Tete” Alemayehu is a native Ethiopian from Addis Ababa. She prepares delicious and creative vegan dishes like garbanzo stew, sliders, tacos, and pancakes with an Ethiopian twist. You can eat all the foods with your hands at this counter-service restaurant that will continuously beckon you for another taste. At Berbere, they also prepare and bottle healthy smoothies, juices, and spreads to enjoy there or take home.

6.     Margo’s

Margo’s is another vegan restaurant based in Santa Monica that never disappoints. Chef Blake Thorson gets inspiration from the freshest local produce available at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and continues to add exciting new dishes to his menu.

Familiar favorites get a twist from the chef, but whether you join them for breakfast, lunch, supper, or happy hour, the dishes and atmosphere never disappoint.

Some dishes you must try at Margo’s include the pizzas with a Sicilian-style gluten-free crust and their airy cheese. Also, try the delicious alternative to avocado toast made with jalapeño mashed pea.

7. Shojin

Shojin is a Japanese restaurant located in Little Tokyo and Culver City. The vegan-only menu of this lovely restaurant is not pretentious. Don’t expect them to try and pass off their vegan fare as “scallops,” “shrimps,” or “pork.” Instead, tofu, tempeh, grains, and vegetables help recreate Japanese classics that usually use meat.

Some firm favorites at Shojin include the dynamite rolls with their tasty vegan topping, mushroom tempura, shishito peppers, and seaweed salad.

8.     Gracias Madre

In West Hollywood, Gracias Madre is a gorgeous Mexican restaurant that’s festive, chic, and casual with absolutely delicious vegan food. Whether you prefer to sit in the courtyard, the bar, or inside, you will surely enjoy its fantastic food and tequila selection.

You must try Gracias Madre’s divine guacamole, the queso fundido with cashew cheese (made in-house), and the Pico de Gallo. You cannot go wrong with the churros if you want a traditional dessert. Ask for the creamy horchata latte to go with them.

9.     Pura Vita

On Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, you can enjoy tremendous Italian vegan food in a romantic setting at Pura Vita. Take in some people-watching as you enjoy a glass of biodynamic wine. At Pura Vuta, you can feast on Italian delights like the carbonara with shitake bacon, lentil meatballs or the Back Magic Lasagna filled with spinach, mushroom pesto and finished with bechamel, cashew ricotta, and a delectable touch of truffle cream.

10.     Sage Vegan Bistro

Sage Vegan Bistro is in Echo Park, Agoura Hills, Pasadena, and Culver City and is another restaurant serving intriguing and hearty vegan dishes. Their meat-free sandwiches represent flavors from around the world. The bánh mì and a po’ boy are divine, despite being meatless.

If you like lemony zing, try the Jackfruit “crab” cakes with their delicious tartar sauce. The mole bowl contains a soul-soothing mole sauce with brown rice and various sautéed veggies. Besides choosing from an array of vegan lasagnas and pizzas, you should try the cashew alfredo-dressed ravioli or the enjoyable tacos and nachos filled with jackfruit or eggplant as their meatless substitutes.

11. Plant Food + Wine

Based in Venice, Matthew Kenney’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard restaurant remains a favorite of this celebrity chef’s many eateries. Here you can enjoy beautifully plated vegan dishes with a global and local flair. The health-conscious menu changes regularly based on locally sourced products. Pair your delicious meals with biodynamic and organic wines from an impressive list.

Don’t miss the deliciously creamy ceviche made with hearts of palms instead of fish, while you may want to try the spicy coconut curry bowl with crispy tofu. The classic burger served on a flaxseed bun is a fantastic vegan alternative to traditional burgers. There’s a guilt-free take on carrot cake and other treats among desserts. With its beautiful outdoor seating area and gorgeous décor, Plant Food + Wine makes for an unforgettable evening out.


1. If you’re looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles, try Shojin, Gracias Madre, Pura Vita, Sage Vegan Bistro, and Plant Food + Wine.

2. Don’t miss out on specialties such as dynamite rolls from Shojin, guacamole from Gracias Madre, carbonara with shitake bacon from Pura Vita, and ceviche made with hearts of palms from Plant Food + Wine.

3. Pair your meals with organic or biodynamic wines for a guilt-free evening out!

4. Enjoy the delicious vegan food in a romantic setting at Pura Vita, the festive and chic ambiance at Gracias Madre, or the Plant Food + Wine outdoor seating area for an unforgettable evening out!


What vegan-friendly restaurants are in Los Angeles?

Some popular vegan-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles include Shojin, Gracias Madre, Pura Vita, Sage Vegan Bistro, and Plant Food + Wine.

Is there a vegan pizza place in LA?

Yes! Pizza by Fly is a vegan-friendly pizzeria located in downtown Los Angeles. They offer delicious pizzas with a Sicilian-style gluten-free crust and airy cheese. They also have a great selection of vegan desserts.

Are there any vegan-friendly buffets in Los Angeles?

Several all-you-can-eat vegan buffets are available in Los Angeles, such as Veggie Grill, Mr. Nature’s Buffet & Juice Bar, and Plant Food + Wine. These restaurants offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes for guests to enjoy.

Do any vegan restaurants in LA offer delivery?

Yes! Many vegan restaurants in Los Angeles offer delivery services through third-party apps. You can find out if your favorite restaurant offers delivery by checking their website or giving them a call to inquire about delivery options.

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