Vegan McDonald’s: Your Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Options

In response to the increasing demand for plant-based options, McDonald’s has altered its menu offerings to accommodate vegan customers. In this blog post, we will explore the world of vegan McDonald’s and how you can enjoy a delicious meal without compromising your dietary preferences.

We’ll explain what items to avoid on the menu and provide alternative breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices suitable for vegans. Additionally, we will discuss various snacks, sides, and beverages that complement your vegan meal at McDonald’s.

Lastly, watch for special offers featuring new or limited-time vegan options at select locations. With these tips, navigating McDonald’s’ vast menu as a vegan has never been easier.

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Eating Vegan at McDonald’s

vegan mcdonalds

McDonald’s has been increasing its vegan options in response to the growing demand for animal-free meals. With the fast food giant recognizing the growing demand for animal product-free meals, vegans can now find a few satisfying choices at various McDonald’s locations. This guide will help you pick out vegan-friendly options from McDonald’s menus.

Know Your Options: The McPlant Burger and Beyond

In recent years, several fast-food chains have started offering plant-based burgers. One notable example is Burger King’s Impossible Whopper. In response, McDonald’s introduced its vegan burger, the McPlant, developed in collaboration with Beyond Meat. The McPlant burger features a patty made from peas, rice, and potatoes—completely free of animal products.

Beyond the McPlant burger itself, there are other vegan-friendly items available at select McDonald’s locations around the world:

  • Big Vegan: Available in Germany as an alternative to traditional beef patties.
  • Falafel Nuggets: Introduced in Sweden as part of a limited-time promotion but could potentially expand elsewhere if successful.
  • Veggie Deluxe Sandwich (without mayo): This option is popular among UK customers, featuring red pepper and pesto goujons instead of meat or dairy ingredients.
  • Vegan Vegetable Nuggets: These nuggets, also available in Norway, are made from a mix of vegetables and spices.
  • El Veggo: A vegan burger option offered at McDonald’s in Finland.

It’s important to note that not all McDonald’s menus will have the same vegan options. Check your local restaurant’s menu or ask staff about their plant-based offerings before ordering.

Price Considerations

When it comes to the McDonald’s burger price, including the McPlant and other vegan options, it can vary based on location. Local ingredient sourcing, taxation, and demand can influence the cost. Generally, the price point of the McPlant burger is competitive with other premium burgers on the menu, reflecting McDonald’s commitment to making vegan options accessible. However, it’s best to refer to your local McDonald’s menu or online resources for the most current pricing.

Vegan Customizations: Making Your Meal Plant-Based

If you’re dining at a McDonald’s without specific vegan options, don’t worry – there are still ways to enjoy a filling meal. Customizing menu items by removing certain ingredients or substituting them with plant-based options can make your meal vegan. For example, try ordering a Spicy Veggie Wrap without cheese and mayo, or ask for French fries cooked separately from animal products (as some locations use natural beef flavor).

In addition to customizing existing menu items, consider combining various sides and snacks, such as apple slices, side salads (with dairy-free dressing), or even hash browns (if they’re cooked in vegetable oil), to create your unique meal experience.

The key is knowing what ingredients go into each dish and communicating clearly with staff members when placing your order. As more people adopt plant-based diets daily, fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s will soon expand their menus to cater to this growing market segment.

Eating vegan at McDonald’s can be challenging, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can make informed decisions about what you eat. Subsequently, let’s consider what to avoid when consuming vegan fare at McDonald’s.

Key Takeaway: 

McDonald’s has introduced vegan options in response to the growing demand for animal-free meals, including their McPlant burger made with a pea, rice, and potato patty. Other vegan-friendly items available at select locations include Big Vegan burgers, Falafel Nuggets, and Veggie Deluxe Sandwiches without mayo. Customizing menu items by removing certain ingredients or substituting them with plant-based options can also make your meal vegan.

What to Avoid

vegan mcdonalds

When dining at McDonald’s as a vegan, knowing which menu items are unsuitable for your plant-based diet is essential. Some options may appear vegan-friendly but could contain hidden animal-based ingredients.

Avoid These Menu Items:

  • Natural Beef Flavor in French Fries: Although the fries are cooked in vegetable oil, they contain natural beef flavors derived from milk derivatives and wheat sources. This makes them off-limits for vegans.
  • Fish Sandwiches and Chicken Nuggets: As these items contain meat or fish, they should be avoided by those following a plant-based diet.
  • Burgers with Cheese or Mayonnaise: Many burgers on McDonald’s menus contain cheese or mayonnaise, which contains egg yolk, making them non-vegan friendly. However, you can request modifications when ordering (e.g., no cheese).

In addition to these specific menu items, it’s crucial to watch for other seemingly vegan options that could include animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin or honey. Before committing to any menu item, always check the ingredients list for potential animal-derived items such as gelatin or honey.

Vegan Options at Other Fast Food Chains

If you struggle with limited choices at McDonald’s locations worldwide, consider exploring other fast-food chains known for their vegan-friendly offerings, such as Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and Taco Bell’s customizable vegetarian menu. Carl’s Jr offers a Beyond Meat burger option, while White Castle has a vegan-friendly Impossible Slider on their menu.

It’s important to note that McDonald’s UK has launched the McPlant burger, a plant-based burger developed in collaboration with Beyond Meat. This new addition is expected to be rolled out at select locations worldwide soon and will provide vegans with an alternative option when dining at this fast-food giant.

Vegans must be mindful of potential animal-derived ingredients in McDonald’s food and look for alternate options when possible. By staying informed about your choices and exploring other fast-food restaurants’ offerings, you can enjoy satisfying meals without compromising your commitment to animal welfare or healthy eating habits.

It is important to know what ingredients are in the food you order at McDonald’s, as some items may contain animal products. Regarding morning meals, McDonald’s offers a range of vegan-friendly selections for those who desire an expeditious and convenient dining experience.

Key Takeaway: 

When dining at McDonald’s as a vegan, avoiding menu items such as fries with natural beef flavor, fish sandwiches, and chicken nuggets is important. Burgers with cheese or mayonnaise should also be avoided unless modified. Other fast-food chains like Burger King and Taco Bell offer more vegan-friendly options. At the same time, McDonald’s UK has launched the McPlant burger in collaboration with Beyond Meat as an alternative option.

Breakfast Options

Finding vegan breakfast options at McDonald’s may seem daunting, but with creativity and customization, you can enjoy a satisfying morning meal without compromising your plant-based diet. Here are some of the best vegan-friendly choices for breakfast:

Apple Slices

A simple yet healthy option to start your day is by ordering apple slices. A refreshing and light snack, apple slices are a great way to begin the day, while oatmeal with fruit & maple (without cream) is another excellent vegan option.

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal (without cream)

The Fruit & Maple Oatmeal is another excellent choice for vegans when ordered without cream. A blend of apples, cranberries, raisins, and maple syrup gives the Fruit & Maple Oatmeal its delicious yet nutritious flavor – a great vegan-friendly choice – while McDonald’s hash browns offer a crispy texture cooked in vegetable oil.

Hash Browns

You can’t go wrong with McDonald’s crispy hash browns, cooked in vegetable oil instead of animal products. Be mindful that the hash browns may have been fried near non-vegan items, thus risking cross-contamination.

Note on Coffee Drinks:

Good news if you’re looking for a caffeine boost along with your meal or snack at McDonald’s locations across San Francisco or New York City. Many outlets now offer milk derivatives such as almond milk or soy milk as alternatives to dairy. However, it’s essential to verify the availability of these options at your local McDonald’s and inquire about any potential cross-contamination with animal products during preparation.

Remember that menu items vary between different McDonald’s locations, so it’s always a good idea to check their website or ask an employee for the most up-to-date information on vegan options.

Breakfast Options provided a variety of vegan-friendly choices to start the day off right. Lunch and Dinner Choices present many flavorful plant-based alternatives for midday and evening sustenance.

Lunch and Dinner Choices

At McDonald’s, vegans can enjoy a selection of tasty lunch and dinner options, including the recently released McPlant burger. While the fast food giant has been slow to introduce plant-based burgers in some locations, they have recently launched the McDonald’s McPlant, which is gaining popularity among vegans.

The McPlant burger features a patty developed by Beyond Meat, which contains no animal products. However, it is essential to note that this option may not be available at all McDonald’s locations as it is still being tested in select markets like New York City and San Francisco.

  1. Vegan Vegetable Nuggets: In some international McDonald’s menus, you can find vegan vegetable nuggets made from vegetables like carrots, corn, peas, and potatoes. These tasty nuggets are perfect for those who want something other than a burger for their meal.
  2. Vegetable Deluxe Sandwich: Available primarily in McDonald’s UK locations but slowly making its way into other countries’ menus too; this sandwich consists of two spicy veggie patties served with lettuce on a sesame seed bun – make sure to ask for no mayo or any milk derivatives.
  3. Falafel Nuggets: Although not widely available across all global branches of the fast-food chain; these falafel nuggets offer an alternative protein source for vegans looking for something different during their visit.

In addition to these specific menu items tailored towards vegans’ needs, you can customize your order by removing non-vegan ingredients such as cheese or sauces containing animal products from regular menu items. For example, you can order a Big Vegan from Burger King without cheese and mayo or opt for the Impossible Whopper with no mayonnaise.

While McDonald’s CEO has acknowledged the growing demand for plant-based diets, staying updated on new menu items as they evolve their offerings is essential. Monitor fast-food eateries such as Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr. for new vegan choices they introduce.

Lunch and dinner choices at vegan Mcdonald’s are plentiful, offering a wide variety of options for those looking to enjoy their meal. Moving on from this topic, let’s look at the snacks and sides available for vegans who visit Mcdonald’s.

Key Takeaway: 

McDonald’s has introduced the McPlant burger, a plant-based option developed by Beyond Meat that is gaining popularity among vegans. Other vegan options include vegetable nuggets made from carrots, corn, peas, and potatoes and the Vegetable Deluxe Sandwich with two spicy veggie patties served on a sesame seed bun. Customization of regular menu items is also possible to remove non-vegan ingredients like cheese or sauces containing animal products.

Snacks and Sides

Discover tasty snacks and sides that are vegan-friendly at McDonald’s. Though the selection may be limited, McDonald’s offers some tasty vegan-friendly snacks and sides.

Fruit Bag

A simple yet healthy option is the Fruit Bag, which contains a mix of fresh apple slices and grapes. For those seeking a nutritious yet refreshing snack for their travels, the Fruit Bag is an ideal option.

Apple Pie

Their classic Apple Pie is vegan in select locations like McDonald’s UK. Made without animal products or milk derivatives; this dessert offers a sweet treat after your meal or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Vegan Vegetable Nuggets (Limited Locations)

In certain countries such as Norway, McDonald’s has introduced Vegan Vegetable Nuggets, made with ingredients like chickpeas, onions, carrots, corn kernels, bell peppers, and more. These nuggets offer a flavorful alternative to traditional chicken nuggets while being completely plant-based.


  • The French Fries in most McDonald’s locations contain natural beef flavors derived from animal sources; hence, they’re unsuitable for vegans. Always check with your local restaurant if you follow a strict plant-based diet before ordering fries.
  • Taco Bell offers vegan-friendly side dishes such as black beans & rice or cinnamon twists – making it a great alternative for those looking to enjoy a filling meal at a fast-food restaurant.

McDonald’s is gradually introducing more vegan selections to their menu due to the heightened demand for plant-based options. As McDonald’s CEO mentioned their work on developing the McPlant burger, it is evident that this fast-food giant is starting to recognize and cater to the increasing popularity of plant-based diets and animal welfare concerns among consumers. Watch for new additions as McDonald’s continues its journey towards offering more inclusive menus.

For those looking to satisfy their vegan cravings, McDonald’s offers a range of snacks and sides. Moving on from there, let’s look at the beverages available on their menu.

Key Takeaway: 

Discover vegan-friendly snacks and sides at McDonald’s, including the Fruit Bag and select locations’ Apple Pie. Vegan Vegetable Nuggets are available in limited locations like Norway. However, French Fries may not be suitable for vegans due to natural beef flavoring derived from animal sources.


Uncovering vegan-friendly beverages at McDonald’s is essential for completing your meal. It is essential to be aware of beverages that contain animal products or milk derivatives when selecting drinks suitable for vegan diets. In this piece, we’ll investigate the various beverage choices available at McDonald’s and make clear which are suitable for vegans.

Coffee and Tea

Black coffee and tea are vegan-friendly choices for those seeking a caffeine boost. However, ask for soy or almond milk instead of dairy milk if you prefer a creamier beverage. Additionally, some specialty coffee drinks may contain non-vegan ingredients like whipped cream or chocolate syrup made with dairy products; always double-check before ordering.

Soft Drinks

Fountain sodas are generally considered vegan as they don’t typically contain animal-derived ingredients. Popular choices include Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Fanta Orange Soda, among others available on their menu. Remember that while these soft drinks might be free from animal products, they aren’t necessarily healthy due to their high sugar content.

Fruit Juices and Smoothies

  • Fruit juices: Apple juice and orange juice can be enjoyed by vegans without worry, as they don’t have any hidden non-vegan ingredients.
  • Smoothies: Some locations offer fruit smoothies made with fruit puree blended with ice – ensure there isn’t yogurt added into the mix.

Note about French Fries

While not a beverage, it’s worth mentioning that McDonald’s French fries are not vegan-friendly in the United States due to their natural beef flavoring. However, they suit vegans in countries like the UK and Canada. Always check with your local McDonald’s location before ordering.

In summary, a decent selection of vegan beverages is available at McDonald’s locations worldwide. From coffee and tea to soft drinks and fruit juices, you can find something refreshing to complement your meal without compromising your plant-based lifestyle.

At McDonald’s, vegans can find a range of drinks that meet their dietary requirements, plus occasional promotions to make it even more enjoyable. Occasionally, Mcdonald’s provides special offers that make it easier for vegans to savor their meals.

Key Takeaway: 

This section explores the vegan-friendly beverage options at McDonald’s, including coffee and tea (with soy or almond milk), soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite, fruit juices like apple and orange juice, and some smoothies. However, it’s important to double-check for non-vegan ingredients in specialty coffee drinks or yogurt added into smoothies.

Special Offers

McDonald’s has steadily increased its vegan options, but there are still limited special offers and promotions targeting vegans. Despite continuing to broaden their plant-based selection, it’s important to remain attentive to McDonald’s announcements.

Recently, McDonald’s has taken considerable steps to meet the burgeoning craving for vegan items. For instance, they introduced the Spicy Veggie Wrap and trialed a new McPlant burger at select locations worldwide.

  • The McPlant Burger: In collaboration with Beyond Meat, McDonald’s developed a delicious plant-based patty that was tested in various locations across Europe and North America. The introduction of this burger indicates that more special offers may be available for vegans in the future.
  • Vegan Vegetable Nuggets: In some international markets like Norway and Sweden, McDonald’s offered Vegan Vegetable Nuggets as a trial run. Made from potatoes, carrots, corn & onions coated with breadcrumbs, these nuggets were well-received by customers who follow plant-based diets.
  • Falafel Nuggets: Another exciting offering was Falafel Nuggets which were launched exclusively in Swedish branches of McDonald’s for a limited period only.

To stay updated on upcoming promotions or special offers tailored towards vegans at your local McDonald’s location(s), consider following them on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, where they often share updates about menu changes and promotional deals. Also, signing up for their newsletter can help you get notified about any exclusive discounts or news related to vegan options.

It’s also a good idea to check out other fast-food chains like Burger King, Carl’s Jr, and Taco Bell that have been trying to accommodate plant-based diets with their menu offerings. You can make better choices at your favorite fast-food restaurants by staying informed about industry trends.

Key Takeaway: 

McDonald’s has expanded its vegan options, including the Spicy Veggie Wrap and McPlant burger. Watch for updates from McDonald’s as they persist in providing vegan-friendly dishes. It is beneficial to look into other quick-service restaurants that have taken steps to provide vegan consumers with their selections.


Why Are Vegans Protesting McDonald’s?

Vegans protest McDonald’s primarily due to the company’s heavy reliance on animal agriculture, contributing to animal suffering and environmental degradation. Some activists argue that offering limited vegan options is insufficient, as cross-contamination may still occur during food preparation.

Is McDonald’s Vegan Burger Actually Vegan?

The McPlant burger, a plant-based option offered by McDonald’s in select locations, uses a Beyond Meat patty designed for vegans. However, it might be cooked on the same grill as meat products causing potential cross-contamination. It is advised to confirm with individual restaurants about their cooking practices before ordering.

Is Anything from McDonald’s Vegan?

Yes, there are some vegan options at McDonald’s including Apple Slices, Side Salad (with specific dressings), Baked Apple Pie (in certain countries), and various beverages. The availability of these items may vary depending on location or country-specific menus.

Are McDonald’s Fries Actually Vegan?

In some countries like the United States, McDonald’s fries are not considered strictly vegan because they contain natural beef flavoring derived from milk. In other regions, such as Canada or Europe, their fries do not have this ingredient, making them suitable for vegans.


While McDonald’s may not be the go-to place for vegan options, there are still some delicious and satisfying choices. Avoiding animal products such as meat and dairy is essential, but there are filling meals like the Vegetable Deluxe Sandwich or Spicy Veggie Wrap. Snacks and sides like French Fries or Falafel Nuggets can also be enjoyed.

It’s great to see fast-food chains like McDonald’s offering plant-based options in response to increasing demand for more ethical and sustainable food choices. For more information on veganism and how it relates to health and environmental concerns, check out FoodSense.


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