6 Surprising Food Items Made From Grain Products

Many people don’t realize that certain “grain-based” items on their grocer’s shelves are a product of legumes (lentil, red or white beans). It is because these items have been processed through a chemical process to remove the enzyme inhibitors, which prevent the grain from being able to be refined into flour. So, for instance, many people might be familiar with protein bars from grains such as oats, rice, and barley in most grocery stores.

1. Rice Cakes

However, they might not be aware that these grain-based snacks are a product of beans. These items can contain as much as 50% of their weight in lentils, more than any other legumes. They are made by grinding the dried seeds into flour and dehydrating them.

2. Cereal Bars

These snacks are made by grinding the seeds into flour and processing flakes for several hours or days in a dehydrator. The resulting mass is pressed into small bars. Visit schererinc.com to learn more.

3. Granola Bars

Granola bars are another grain-based product made from beans. These items are made by grinding coarsely ground flour, dried fruit, and nuts into tiny granules. After this process, the resulting bars have a nutrient value similar to popular energy bars.

4. Hummus

Depending on the type you buy, making hummus from a can of store-bought chickpeas will yield a variety of flavors. This dish is usually made by mixing the beans with oil and lemon juice and then blending them into a creamy mixture. It can be done in various ways, from using an electric hand blender to a more traditional mortar and pestle method.

5. Hamburger Buns

The typical hamburger bun is made from wheat flour; a processed food product is grown from wheat. This product is then combined with either white or red beans that have been ground into a flour consistency. This flour is mixed with water and salt to make the dough and then baked.

6. Cereal Flakes

The cereal flake is also a grain-based product that is a byproduct of the lentil. The mass can be pressed into large sheets by grinding dried beans into flour and then producing a dough with water and sugar using machines. Flakes are formed, dried, and roasted to help develop a flavor similar to the typical cereal flakes.

Although they might be surprising, most grocery stores make these foods from legume products. While the amounts of legumes used may vary, these items have the same grain-like texture as many other breakfast bowls of cereal and snacks. From this, it’s easy to see that these items are a prevalent product of legumes that many people might not realize are in some of their favorite foods.

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