7 Natural Ways To Support Your Milk Supply While Breastfeeding

If you are a first-time mom or are just beginning your breastfeeding journey, you know that establishing a healthy supply of breastmilk is key to taking care of your little one. 

There are many tips and tricks to help you boost your milk supply so that you can rest assured that your body is making enough milk to support your new baby. Read on to learn about 7 natural ways to support your milk supply while breastfeeding.

1. Stay Hydrated and Try a Natural Electrolyte Drink

Finding ways to stay hydrated is key to supporting your milk supply while breastfeeding. If you are a lactating mom looking for liquid gold, drinking a natural electrolyte drink will help you stay properly hydrated and support your milk supply while breastfeeding. Make sure you choose a product that will give you an electrolyte boost without artificial ingredients or added sugars. The best natural electrolyte drink helps to combat dehydration-related issues and will leave you feeling good. 

Many moms recommend drinking about one quart a day and seeing how your body responds. It’s all about finding what amount works best for you and your little one.

2. Check Your Baby’s Latch

One of the most common ways to help support your milk supply is to check your baby’s latch. With newborns, sometimes a poor latch can make it difficult for them to remove the milk from your breast. So make sure that your little one is latching correctly, as this will stimulate your body to produce more milk for them to enjoy.

3. Feed Your Little One from Both Breasts

While on your breastfeeding journey, it can be natural for your little one to gravitate towards one particular breast, especially if you tend to hold them in the same comfortable position. However, for the first few weeks, it is very important to feed your little one from both breasts during each feeding. 

Typically the first breast you start with will get the most stimulation from your baby, so it is vital to alternate which breast you start with for the feedings. If you always start on the same side, this could cause one breast to produce more milk than the other or even become more significant in size.

Feeding your little one from both breasts will help your body build a more robust milk supply overall, making for a happy mommy and a happy baby.

4. Use a Breast Pump

Another way to increase your milk supply and help with circulation is to use a breast pump. Breast pumps can help to stimulate your breasts and help empty your breast if your baby has only fed on one side. If you want to boost pumping output, simply place a warm wash rag on your breast before pumping. This will help you to make even more milk and to start your milk stash for later.

5. Bake Lactation Cookies

Did somebody say cookies? A great, natural way to help boost your milk supply while breastfeeding is to bake some homemade lactation cookies. Lactation cookies are typically made with oats, flax, and brewer’s yeast. They are the perfect treat for new moms and are great for boosting milk supply.

6. Make Time for More Skin-to-Skin Contact

One of the best things new moms can do to help grow the bond with their baby and to help boost milk supply is to make more time for skin-to-skin contact. You can do this by placing your little one’s head on your bare chest while you cradle them. This direct contact will help your baby to be comfortable and stress-free, and it will also encourage your baby to breastfeed for longer intervals, as well as help to better your milk supply.

7. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Lastly, another way to support your milk supply while breastfeeding is to live a healthy lifestyle. You can eat a nutrient-dense diet with foods high in protein, such as eggs, beans, yogurt, and oatmeal. Breastfeeding mothers should try to eat an extra 500 calories daily to help increase milk supply and ensure that they and their baby get all the nutrients they need.

You can also help to increase your milk supply by making some changes to your daily routine. Ensure you are not smoking, which could interfere with your milk supply. It is also essential to get enough sleep at night to not feel fatigued or stressed.

Final Remarks

We hope you have enjoyed learning about these natural ways to help support your milk supply while breastfeeding. Remember that every mama is different, and it’s all about finding a solution that works best for you and your little one. Happy feeding!  

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