6 Ways You Can Enjoy Cannabis (and How to Choose the Best Method for You)

Cannabis has been gaining popularity for years as more customers flock to it for recreational and medicinal purposes. However, some people are unsure about stepping into their San Diego dispensary because smoking isn’t an appealing method of consumption. Fortunately, there are a variety of different ways people can consume cannabis. Here is a quick breakdown to help you find the method that works best for your lifestyle.


The compounds that make marijuana an effective medication and enjoyable recreational substance are called cannabinoids. The two most potent, CBT and THC, are responsible for many of the plant’s significant effects. Most people recognize that THC is a psychoactive compound that affects perception. CBD is also a common term associated with cannabis, popular because it provides many forms of relief without the associated high.

You can’t get any effects from cannabis just by eating it. The THC and CBD need to be modified through the heat to transform into the compounds that affect the body. Burning marijuana will produce that effect, though methods have been developed to extract cannabinoids. These purified and concentrated substances can be added to food and drink or consumed with specialized equipment.

#1. Smoking

The tried and true method of consumption, smokers can use marijuana much like tobacco users do. Igniting cannabis heats it to the point where THC and CBD are converted to an inhalant, letting it be absorbed directly into the lungs. You can find several ways to smoke marijuana at your San Diego dispensary, including:

  • Joints
  • Pipes or bowls
  • Hookah
  • Bong or water pipe
  • Chillum

Smoking cannabis allows it to take effect quickly, making it an excellent choice for those who need immediate results. It also doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how to do it properly. Unfortunately, despite being the oldest method, many people shy away from smoking because of health concerns. The effects also don’t last as long as other methods.

#2. Vaping

Because inhaling cannabis is such an effective method of ingestion, vaping has risen in prominence as a great alternative to the traditional technique. Because it doesn’t produce the carcinogens found in burning marijuana, vaping is considered less harmful than smoking. In addition, high-quality options like those in a San Diego dispensary are preferable to those in over-the-counter scenarios since off-brand products may use synthetic additives.

#3. Dabbing

When THC and CBD are distilled, it becomes a sticky, waxy, exceptionally potent substance. Called dabbing, this method uses special “rigs” or devices that heat the product and release the cannabinoids. These units are similar to bongs but can be more challenging to use. Dabbing is a great way to get immediate relief from intense pain because it quickly produces a highly concentrated amount of psychoactive and CBD.

#4. Edibles

While taking in cannabis through the lungs is undoubtedly the fastest way to consume it, it isn’t the most potent. Ingesting THC and CBD creates a deep effect that lasts much longer than inhaling the compound. Infusing treats and drinks with cannabis make it through your digestive system and when prepared properly, it will dramatically change the liver, making it much more potent. Edibles are a discreet way to feel the effects of cannabis throughout your day.

#5. Tinctures

If dabbing is distilled for smoking, tinctures correspond to oral consumption. Tinctures use natural oils for delivery, similar to edibles. Some take it straight from the dropper, while others mix it with food or drink. Because a measured dropper is used to administer the liquid, it is easy to regulate your dosage.

#6. Topicals

For some patients, the best way to use cannabis is not to consume it. Using similar methods as with tinctures, topicals such as creams and lotions can be spread over specific areas of the skin for chronic pain relief. While its benefits are still in question, studies have shown that topicals are effective for soothing inflammation and can be a successful treatment for some forms of arthritis. The local San Diego dispensary staff can help you find topicals for your issues.

The Fun of Experimentation

If you’ve decided to try cannabis as a form of treatment or recreational substance, don’t let the vast number of consumption methods turn you away. Instead, use this opportunity to try different ways to enjoy cannabis. San Diego dispensary consultants can help you choose a process and show all the gear you need to start. With so many ways to partake in this growing trend, you’re sure to find a method that makes each cannabis experience one to remember!

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