10 of the Best Vegan or Vegan-Friendly Restaurants to Try Out in Mississippi

Eating vegan doesn’t have to be a challenge, but some states offer more options. In Mississippi, you aren’t exactly spoilt for choice. Still, plenty of incredible restaurants in the bayou cater to vegan preferences. Here are 10 you need to try!

10 of the Best Restaurants to Try Out in Mississippi

Whether you’re interested in the musical wonders of Mississippi or the festivals, you must try out the state’s food. Except this time, we will see some classics with a vegan twist.

1. Kale Me Crazy: Ridgeland, Mississippi 

Restaurant Type: Non-Vegan Restaurant With Vegan Options Available

Kale Me Crazy is a superfood cafe that offers smoothies, juices, salads, and wraps. They also provide catering for small office lunches and large corporate events. Many of their smoothies are made with plant-based ingredients, and their salads and toasts can be vegan.

2. Living Foods: Oxford, Mississippi 

Restaurant Type: Non-Vegan Restaurant With Vegan Options Available

In Oxford, a quaint wellness cafe serves some of the best health food. While not entirely vegan, Living Foods clearly labels anything plant-based on its menu. Their smoothies and bowls can be made with almond, oat, or coconut milk instead of cow’s milk.

3. Oops! All Vegan: Jackson, Mississippi 

Restaurant Type: Completely Vegan Restaurant

The hilariously named “Oops! All Vegan” is a 100% junk food vegan restaurant inside Jackson. Here, you’ll find vegan versions of all the best comfort food, such as chicken and waffles, wings, hot dogs, and Philly cheese steaks. We recommend trying the Bourbon Bowl when you’re there! 

4. Makin’ Groceries: Biloxi, Mississippi 

Restaurant Type: Completely Vegan Restaurant

Makin’ Groceries is a vegan cafe in downtown Biloxi with much to offer. Their rotating specials are to die for, and you can check out their Facebook page to check those out. Along with fresh food, Makin’ Groceries also offers meal prep, catering, and a culinary class. 

5. Good Karma Cafe: Gulfport, Mississippi 

Restaurant Type: Vegetarian Restaurant With Vegan Options Available

While Good Karma Cafe markets itself as a vegan restaurant with vegetarian options, it’s not entirely vegan. This restaurant prioritizes vegan Indian food, including pastries, so you’ll have no problem filling up here! There are also plenty of celiac-friendly gluten-free options.

6. The Squeeze Juice Bar and Vegan Eatery: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Restaurant Type: Completely Vegan Restaurant

In Mississippi, vegans run the gambit on juice bars, but The Squeeze Juice Bar and Vegan Eatery are unique because they serve some tasty food, too! Voted the best health restaurant in Mississippi in 2023, this spot offers plenty of nutritious wraps, burgers, and smoothie bowls.

7. Mama Nature’s Juice Bar: Ridgeland, Mississippi

Restaurant Type: Completely Vegan Restaurant

Mama Nature’s Juice Bar sells itself as a smoothie and juice bar first and a restaurant second, but there’s still plenty for vegans to enjoy. Their superfood bowls pack a punch, their overnight oats let you pack in the protein, and their avocado toast handhelds will fuel you on the go.

8. Aplós Simple Mediterranean: Jackson, Mississippi 

Restaurant Type: Non-Vegan Restaurant With Vegan Options Available

This Mediterranean restaurant isn’t all vegan, but they cater to them with all their great options. Veg-friendly favorites include the harissa cauliflower and the falafel wrap with Greek fries. Aplós Simple Mediterranean also has incredible margaritas and a beautiful outdoor patio.

9. Bravo! Italian Restaurant & Bar: Jackson, Mississippi

Restaurant Type: Non-Vegan Restaurant With Vegan Options Available

Bravo! is a cute Italian restaurant with a  dedicated vegan menu and plenty of gluten-free options. Everything is clearly labeled, and the portions are generous. We recommend trying the bruschetta, vegetable Napoleon pizza, and the wood-oven roasted cauliflower.

10. Thai Time: Jackson, Mississippi

Restaurant Type: Non-Vegan Restaurant With Vegan Options Available

Thai Time is another non-vegan restaurant with a dedicated vegan menu (two pages)! You can choose between many soups, fried rice, curry, noodle, and stir fry dishes. Thai Times gives you more choices than most purely vegan restaurants offer! 

The Vegan Voyager’s Guide: Navigating the Bayou’s Best Bites

So you’re a vegan in Mississippi and wondering how to take the guesswork out of dining out? Don’t sweat it. While the state might be known for its BBQ and seafood, the vegan scene is emerging in surprising pockets.

Tips for a Smooth Dining Experience:

  • Call Ahead: If a restaurant isn’t exclusively vegan, ring them to inquire about their vegan options. Some places might even whip up something special if you give them a heads-up.

  • Check Social Media: Local vegan communities often share insider info on Facebook or Instagram. Following hashtags like #MississippiVegan or #VeganInJackson can lead you to hidden gems.

  • Be Flexible: Vegan options might not be on the main menu. Sometimes, they’re on a separate or even a secret menu, so don’t hesitate to ask the staff.

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Cheese): Some places offer vegan pizzas or pasta but lack vegan cheese. You can customize your meal further if you don’t mind carrying a little Daiya or Violife.

Where to Go:

  1. For Superfoods: Kale Me Crazy in Ridgeland is your spot for plant-powered goodness.
  2. For Health Food: Head to Living Foods in Oxford for consciously curated dishes.
  3. For Vegan Junk Food: Oops! All Vegan in Jackson has your cravings covered.
  4. For Varied Specials: Makin’ Groceries in Biloxi keeps things fresh with rotating options.
  5. For Vegan Indian: Good Karma Cafe in Gulfport spices up the vegan scene.
  6. For Juice & More: The Squeeze Juice Bar in Vicksburg offers beyond just beverages.
  7. For Quick Bites: Mama Nature’s Juice Bar in Ridgeland has the perfect to-go options.
  8. For Mediterranean: Aplós in Jackson has falafel wraps you won’t want to miss.
  9. For Italian: Bravo! in Jackson has a vegan menu that’ll make you say… well, Bravo!
  10. For Thai: Thai Time in Jackson offers various plant-based options.

Eating vegan in Mississippi isn’t about settling for less—discovering new flavors while staying true to your lifestyle. Enjoy the journey, one delicious bite at a time!

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Vegan Culinary Journey in Mississippi

Navigating the vegan landscape in Mississippi might bring up some questions. Well, you’re in luck! Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked queries.

Are these restaurants 100% vegan?

Not all of them. Some are exclusively vegan, but others are non-vegan places that offer plant-based options. Be sure to check the “Restaurant Type” for each listing.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It varies by restaurant. Popular spots like Oops! All Vegan in Jackson often get booked up, especially on weekends. Calling ahead never hurts.

Are vegan options clearly labeled on the menus?

In most cases, yes! Places like Living Foods and Bravo! Italian Restaurant & Bar even has dedicated vegan menus. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to ask the staff.

Can I find gluten-free vegan options?

Absolutely! Many restaurants, like Good Karma Cafe, offer gluten-free options alongside their vegan dishes.

Are these restaurants budget-friendly?

There’s a range. Some places are more upscale, while others, like juice bars and cafes, are more wallet-friendly.

Is it hard to find parking at these locations?

Parking situations can vary. Downtown spots may have limited parking, but many restaurants offer parking lots or are near public parking spaces.

Can I get these meals delivered?

Many restaurants are partnered with delivery services like Uber Eats or DoorDash. Some even offer their own delivery or curbside pickup.

Do these restaurants offer anything for non-vegans?

Most restaurants that aren’t 100% vegan offer non-vegan options, making them great for mixed-diet groups.

What about beverages? Do they offer vegan alcoholic drinks?

Many restaurants offer vegan-friendly beverages, from smoothies and juices to vegan beers and wines. Always ask for the beverage list and inquire if it’s vegan-friendly.

Being a vegan in Mississippi is getting easier every day, thanks to a growing number of restaurants catering to plant-based preferences. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to comment or send a message. Happy dining!

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