Why Do People Fail on a Vegan Diet While Others Succeed?

People constantly debate whether switching to a vegan diet is equivalent to a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, science is inching closer to answering this query. Many reports claim that a vegan diet can be healthy and advantageous. Why does it fail?

Many articles state the failure of a vegan diet and leaving people malnourished and diseased. However, why does this happen to these people is the real question? Wondering what a vegan diet is, why it fails to work on some while it does efficiently on others, and how can you ensure it works for you? Then https://lasta.app/ask-lasta/ holds all the answers for you.

Lasta is a wellness app assistance designed to help people attain a particular lifestyle and feel better in their bodies. Hop on below to learn more about why a vegan diet fails in some people and how this app can help you.

What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is a practice known as veganism which refers to abstaining from animal and poultry products, especially in the diet. This practice dates back to 1944 when according to history, a few vegetarians drifted away and removed themselves from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in England and formed their vegan society.

In addition to not consuming meat, they are inclined to avoid 

  1. eggs
  2. dairy
  3. many other plant-based products

In today’s world, the wavelength of this practice is the same, where vegans avoid all animal products and consume plant-based foods only.

There are many reasons why people choose to go vegan. It can be because of ethical reasons, environmental concerns, or simply because of some health factors. Though the question is that when many people follow this diet plan, why are only a specific percentage gaining the benefits and the diet fails on the rest? There may be a few reasons, some of which are listed below.

Why Some People Fail on a Vegan Diet While Others Succeed?

There can be several reasons why vegan diets fail some people. However, the most major ones, which result in a large majority of adverse outcomes, are listed below:

Not Eating Enough Food

One primary reason why a vegan diet does not suit many people is because they might need to eat more food. However, a vegan diet doesn’t mean one should consume minimal food. 

  • It is a form of diet, but consider that you are already removing a large proportion of the nutritional information you used to get from consuming meat. 

Hence, instead of eating a low amount of plant-based foods while on this diet, it is advisable for a vegan converter to opt for hearty plant-based meals instead.

Not Eating the Right Foods

Not eating the right food is another primary reason for your vegan diet not showing beneficial outcomes. We understand that not consuming animal-based products or meat is your decision, and you will want to stand on it. 

  • However, neglecting that this particular proportion of food you are not consuming holds massive amounts of nutrients essential for leading a healthy lifestyle is not good either. 

So, though you are avoiding meat and all kinds of poultry and animal-based products, we suggest you find the best vegan-friendly alternatives. This will help you take the proper nutritional intake and eat healthily.

Lack of Planning and Preparing

Another factor that is usually the cause of people leaving vegan diets mid-way or not fully adapting is the need for more planning and preparation of your food. While spending hours upon hours making vegan-friendly food is unnecessary, it is always essential to have vegan-friendly options to eat on hand. 

  • Planning, preparing, and knowing your options will help new vegan converters make themselves a great meal but will also help them to pick vegan-friendly snacks and munching options when running late or while at work.

Initially, this vegan journey and understanding what you can eat or not might look restrictive, and you may need more options. However, researching, planning, and preparing beforehand will help you stay on the right path on this journey and bring excellent and beneficial outcomes from your vegan diet.

Not Treating Veganism Like a Lifestyle

Your vegan journey will show beneficial results only when you treat it as a lifestyle and not a mere diet. When switching to veganism, users make a lifelong pact to stick to a particular form of living and eating. 

  • When vegan eating is considered a diet, you adopt it only briefly, like many other diet forms. However, this concept is a complete lifestyle, and one should treat it the same way.

Hence, focus on your everyday meals just like any non-vegan would do; however, ensure that you follow the beliefs and protocols you set for yourself. Give it a few weeks or months; eventually, this diet will become a habit and lifestyle you will adapt to quickly and smoothly.

How Can You Ensure Your Vegan Diet Provides the Best Results in Return?

Now that you understand all the possible reasons why your diet might not work for you, it is time to incline towards something which might help you overcome all the above factors and reap beneficial results from your vegan diet. 

What is it? Well, the Lasta app, of course! As mentioned above, this app is a wellness app designed to help people attain a particular lifestyle and feel better in their bodies. 

The wellness tool offers personalized services, including customized meal planning, audio, and cognitive behavior therapies. If you want to reframe your life towards a vegan diet, there is no better option than a subscription to this app. Got more questions? The application will always be available to help you.


The vegan lifestyle is something many people want to opt for but are hesitant about whether or not they will be able to give full justice and devotion to it. 

If you are in the same boat and have tried a vegan diet before but didn’t show positive results, we hope this article helps you understand why it might have happened. Then, try and use the mentioned app as your savior.

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