Best Vegan Grocery Stores: Where to Find the Top Selection

When grocery shopping as a vegan, you must know you will find all your pantry staples in-store. These include fresh produce, whole grains, vegan proteins, nuts, snacks, and frozen meals for busy days.

Consumers have different expectations from those of their grocery stores. These may include top selections, logically priced vegan goods, perks like generic vegan brands, and 100% organic shopping.

However, shopping as a vegan need not be challenging. Several vegan-friendly stores have a solid presence in the market, including those offering online shopping where you can access affordable and sustainable groceries.

Below, you will find a list of the best vegan grocery stores for the best vegan shopping experience:

Top Vegan Grocery Stores for Plant-Based Delights

If you are one of those people who still prefer to walk the aisles of grocery stores to select your plant-based delights and discover new products, then these are the top vegan grocery stores:

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods has locations across the U.S. and a wide variety of plant-based alternatives, ensuring it is at the top of a list of the best vegan grocery stores. It carries products with its own- and name-brand plant-based products.

The stores offer vegan options and run several whole-food initiatives, such as supporting and developing third-world communities through partnerships. They also provide education on fresh food and wellness to help improve children’s health and underserved communities.

A stroll through Whole Foods market is enough to prove its commitment to its model “Make Organic, Local, and Green Living “Cool.”Their plant-based options include every section of your grocery list, including plant-based dairy, meatless foods, whole grain selections, and fresh produce. Look out for their unrefrigerated bulk products.


If you are looking for cheap organic produce, then Sprouts is the place to shop. They constantly have promotions and sales that ensure everyone can access healthy plant-based food. You can purchase essentials in bulk to save money and reduce plastic use. There’s a huge selection of plant-based dairy and many popular vegan brands like Beyond Meat and Gardein. Find vegan products integrated throughout the store according to their respective departments.

There are 250 Sprout stores in the U.S., so there’s likely one near you. Unfortunately, Sprouts doesn’t have a list of ingredients it promises not to sell, so you have to do your due diligence when shopping. It also does not have a no-plastic policy, so take your reusable bags or ask for paper bags at the cashier.

Like Whole Foods, Sprouts offers unrefrigerated bulk products, but unfortunately, their dispensing system is still a bit outdated, relying on a scoop instead of gravity bins.

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is perfect for vegan grocery shopping since all its products are 100% organic, and some ingredients are banned from all in-store products. With 168 stores in 21 states, the company has steadily grown since it started selling supplements door-to-door sales in 1955 under the name of Vitamin Cottage.

Therefore, thanks to their connection with the original company, all the supplements sold at Natural Grocers carry an independent testing certificate.

Across all products, you’ll be impressed with their prices, which tend to be lower than other stores. Unfortunately, their private label selection is still small. Several specialized items, like raw cocoa butter, are often tricky in health-food stores. At Natural Grocers, you can also get cheaper bulk-bagged items.

A rewards program ensures discounts for future shopping. Natural Grocers has banned plastic at checkout. But if you forget your shopping bags, they will give you a used shipping box to take your groceries home. Finally, they keep items like nuts that tend to go rancid in coolers to prevent spoilage, meaning less food waste.

Look out for their Demo Kitchen at all locations and monthly classes on health and cooking, which help educate people on organic living and foods.


Target might not be a vegan-only food store, but it has met the growing demand for vegan options by expanding its options over the years. Since 2018, the chain has introduced labels that make spotting their vegan, fair-trade, organic, plant-based, and non-GMO products easier.

Are you looking for more of the best vegan grocery stores? On LiveKindly, you can read which ones officially made the Good Food Institute’s List.

Discover the Convenient World of Online Vegan Grocery Shopping

You might consider looking for online food markets if you live in an area with limited access to vegan-friendly stores or hate in-person shopping. Online vegan grocery shopping saves time, especially on virtual marketplaces that sell only vegan foods.

The best vegan grocery stores online give you convenience and access to a range of plant-based products, saving you time from having to check ingredient lists. They offer various products, including fruits, vegetables, plant-based meats, dairy alternatives, snacks, condiments, and more. Many specialty items that may be hard to find in local stores are available online.

Numerous online retailers specialize in vegan products, catering specifically to the needs of plant-based consumers. These stores often carry unique and hard-to-find items, making it easier for vegans to discover new products and brands.

Some online vegan grocery stores offer subscription services, which allow you to receive regular deliveries of your vegan pantry staples. This option ensures you never run out of essential items and can simplify the grocery shopping process.

Many eco-conscious shoppers prefer online shopping because they can support businesses committed to promoting plant-based lifestyles. They also support the reduction of the environmental impact of sourcing goods by prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices.

Before buying, you can read reviews and ratings from other consumers, which can help you make informed product decisions. It also allows you to discover new favorites and avoid items that may not meet your expectations.

Finally, online vegan grocery stores often provide recipe ideas and cooking tips, inspiring you to try new dishes. They may also offer meal kits or bundles containing all the ingredients needed to prepare a specific recipe, making cooking nutritious and delicious meals at home easier.

Unveiling the Best Vegan Online Stores for Your Pantry

Several excellent online vegan stores cater specifically to stocking vegan pantry essentials. Here are some of the best ones:


PlantX is an online marketplace focusing on plant-based products, including pantry essentials. They offer diverse vegan foods, supplements, and household items. PlantX also provides resources and recipes to support a plant-based lifestyle. Through PlantX, you can discover new and innovative brands like Akua, Minor Figures, H.U., etc.

Vegan Essentials

Vegan Essentials is a one-stop online store for all things vegan. It sells pantry staples like non-dairy milk, vegan protein sources, baking ingredients, and more, carrying a vast selection of products from trusted vegan brands in every category. You can also filter your quest for vegan pantry essentials based on categories like Kosher, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

GTFO! It’s Vegan!

A new online store for vegans, GFTO It’s Vegan! Places its loads of options into seven easy-to-search categories:

  • Bakery for breads, cakes, and other baked goods
  • Cheese & Dairy substitutes for products like non-dairy milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurts, cream, and eggs
  • Vegan meat
  • Vegan seafood
  • Pantry and Snacks
  • Prepared vegan meals

Vedge Co.

Some refer to Vedge Co and the ‘vegan Costco’ because they offer wholesale pricing for the most popular vegan items. It’s a convenient online vegan grocery store because you can find all vegan products on one site. What’s great is that you can shop by meal, ensuring you won’t forget to get the ingredients required for completing your vegan chili or lasagne.

Exploring the Ultimate Vegan Grocery Store Options

Your location plays a significant role when exploring the ultimate vegan store options. The best vegan grocery stores might include Trader Joe’s or Aldi, which are not exclusively vegan but offer several vegan-friendly options at excellent prices. These companies also sell own-brand items labeled vegan or vegetarian.

As mentioned earlier, Whole Foods Market is known for its excellent options of natural and organic products, including many for vegans. They have dedicated sections for vegan foods, making it easy to find everything from pantry staples to prepared meals.

Natural Grocers is a health food chain that prioritizes organic, non-GMO, and vegan products. It offers a wide selection of pantry staples, fresh produce, and specialty items catering to vegan diets.

However, you can also shop for vegan produce from smaller health stores within your area. Some examples include Rabbit Food Grocery in Austin, Texas, or Buffalo in New York. Both these examples carry only plant-based products. Read more about these stores and others in your vicinity in this article from Oops Vegan.

If your city doesn’t have a vegan store, how about finding local co-ops where you can source ethical and sustainable vegan products?

While not exclusively vegan, farmers’ markets are great places to find fresh, locally-grown produce, much of which is vegan-friendly. At farmer’s markets, you can also find producers of artisanal products like bread, jam, and sauces, many of which are vegan. Always ask about the ingredients.

Finally, visit ethnic grocery stores in your area to source vegan products. These include Asian and Middle Eastern markets where you can buy tofu, tempeh, rice noodles, whole grains, nuts, spices, and sauces.

Exploring grocers and smaller stores can be a great way to discover new vegan products. Larger grocers often carry a wider variety of vegan foods. However, supporting local businesses in your community also helps them increase their vegan products. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask the store staff for recommendations or assistance finding vegan items—they are often a treasure trove of information!

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