Some Instagram Accounts to Follow for Easy, Healthy, Wholesome Foods

Some Instagram Accounts to Follow for Easy, Healthy, Wholesome Foods

Life is getting increasingly fast and challenging. However, our bodily needs don’t stop for anything. You have to account for all of your dietary needs in addition to the time required to cook them. Another factor is the availability of ingredients yet the budgetary constraints in acquiring materials. 

Some people just do not like their cooking, or have trouble following exact recipes. For them getting a good flavor out is challenging. So, a lot of people these days are resorting to ordering food instead of cooking for things. 

What if we told you there is a whole line-up of cheat sheets for you that can help you beat budget, availability, and most of all, laziness? It is the new barrage of food influencers on Instagram. So, if you want to make the most of these accounts, get online and visit their pages on Instagram.

With this kind of assisted cooking, the one thing you can hope for is a steady internet connection. Why? Because you certainly don’t want lags disrupting your cooking mode, which finally rose after a millennia. Hence, go for Cox Internet as it’s one such provider that allows you to surf socials with minimal interruption. 

With this settled, here are some channels that fulfill different kinds of cooking requirements and have unique strategies:

  1. Dannielle Brown @HealthyGirlKitchen

This account is a dream for people who love a plant-based diet. Danielle Brown is a best-selling cookbook author. Her favorite elements to work with are fruits, vegetables, and vinaigrettes. She also has a knack for healthy desserts, pasta, soups, and sandwiches.

What we like about healthygirlkitchen is that she uses the freshest of the fresh ingredients. Her visuals are as captivating as they are salivating. If you are looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, this healthy kitchen extravaganza is for you. 

  1. Krista Pool @stayfitmom_Krista

This is an Instagram cook who heavily works with macronutrients. She is also a published author of various cookbooks that help with creating dietary practices that help with macro intake. The great thing about Krista is that she has recipes that are very friendly for large families or someone who has a full-time job and does not have a lot of spare hours to cook.

Her most popular series are 6-day meal prep containers that have a complete and healthy meal for one with minimal time required. You can prep these on a weekend and spend the rest of the week carefree. 

  1. Karim Saad @ice.karimcooks

This cook and his book are one of a kind. He is out there to crush the diet culture, proving to the world that healthy eating does not mean depriving your taste buds of all things good. This guy has the best recipe for protein-rich diets. 

With the right kick of Middle Eastern flavors sometimes verging on all-American, his recipes reign supreme. What is very entertaining about his book is how he keeps it on the lighter side at all times, sometimes even bringing his family members’ candid shots into his reels. 

  1. Ahmad Alzahabi @thegoldenbalance

If there was an Insta-chef heartthrob, Ahmad Alzahabi would be it. His main thing is protein. He loves working with meat, garlic, and different kinds of sauces while keeping the meals healthy and balanced. Something that everyone loves is his simplified way of cooking.

His recipes are easy but packed with flavor. What is more, he has a very charming way of talking and he has a name for everything. Like garlic is heartburn. He also loves making his little catchphrases that the audience generally adores. Our personal favorites are “If the color didn’t change, no flavor was gained.” and “As always now, Bismillah”

  1. Olivia Adriance @olivia.adrience

Olivia is all about wholesome, indulgent, and luxurious food. It seems she has no hindrances or limitations while working with ingredients. You will see her working with nuts, meats, pulses, and greens. What you cannot judge by looking at her page for the first time in a cursory glance, is that her recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free. 

Something she knows how to make healthy is desserts. Olivia’s recipes though look extravagant, they are very simple and don’t need a lot of labor most times. 

  1. Mimi @feedmi

If you have a more laid-back approach towards nutrients, and you still like cooking at home as catharsis, Mimi’s Feed is for you. This girl has a taste for Asian food and we all know that making Asian food can be a little heavy on the pocket. 

However, Mimi comes with brand-new and intuitive ideas that can help you catch home-cooked Asian meals on a budget. The best part is that all her recipes are almost instant. There isn’t a long wait for prep time. The ingredients are simple enough for a college student or a freshie to manage as well. 

  1. Nicole Maguire @simple.home.edit

Nicole has cracked the code of easy recipes, budget-friendly ingredients, and wholesome dinners. What we absolutely love is her casual style of cooking along with her one-pot approach to cooking literally everything. 

It is the page for all people who look at cooking as this ordeal of arranging for small ingredients and then cleaning up after. Her recipes are tantalizing as they are fulfilling. 

That’s All, Folks!

Now that you have about seven guides to shed the fear of cooking at home every day, there is no excuse why you would be ordering takeout every day. They all have different approaches to one main goal, eating right and having agency over your diet. Take control of what goes inside your body for a better you. 

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