Vegan Pizza Chicago: Top Spots for a Tasty Slice

Vegan pizza has gained popularity over the years, and Chicago is no exception to this delicious trend. Vegan pizza has found its niche among plant-based eaters and pizza lovers in a city known for its deep-dish and classic pizza styles. This article will explore the world of vegan pizza in Chicago, taking you through the history, variety, and top spots to indulge in a satisfyingly cheesy, animal-free slice.

Chicago’s culinary scene has always been an integral part of its identity, and the rise of veganism has only added unique flavors to its rich food culture. The Windy City offers diverse vegan pizzas, from classic thin crusts to hearty deep-dish. With an increasing number of vegans and curious non-vegans seeking plant-based alternatives, the idea of vegan pizza in Chicago has gone from a niche market to a mainstream menu item.

So, this article covers you whether you’re a long-time vegan, considering a plant-based lifestyle, or simply curious about the tasty possibilities. Let’s dive into the alluring world of Chicago’s vegan pizza scene and see what makes it so special.

Key Takeaways

  • Chicago’s vegan pizza scene offers diverse options, including deep-dish and thin crust.
  • The rise of veganism has contributed to the popularity of vegan pizza in the city.
  • Top spots for vegan pizza in Chicago cater to veteran vegans and curious non-vegans.

What is Vegan Pizza?

Vegan pizza is a delicious and satisfying alternative to traditional pizza that caters to those who follow a vegan lifestyle. It’s just as scrumptious but made without any animal products. With a variety of inventive and flavorful topping combinations, vegan pizza has been gaining popularity among pizza lovers everywhere.

First things first: the crust. Traditional pizza crust is often vegan, generally made of flour, water, yeast, and sometimes olive oil. However, it’s essential to double-check, as some restaurants may use dairy products or eggs in their dough. In Chicago, many pizzerias now offer delicious vegan crust options, so you can choose between thin, deep-dish, or even gluten-free varieties.

Next up: the sauce. Classic marinara sauce is typically vegan-friendly since it consists of tomatoes, garlic, and various herbs. For a twist, you can also find vegan pesto or creamy alfredo alternatives from plant-based ingredients like cashews.

The real star of the show is the cheese. Dairy-free cheeses have come a long way, and the range of plant-based alternatives available means there’s something for everyone. Vegan mozzarella, gouda, and even cheddar can be found in many grocery stores and at Chicago pizzerias catering to vegan tastes.

Finally, let’s talk toppings! The beauty of vegan pizza is the creative combinations you can come up with, from the traditional bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms to exciting options like vegan sausage, barbecue jackfruit, or even tempeh bacon. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to try new and delicious pairings.

Remember, vegan pizza has something for everyone. It’s an inclusive and mouth-watering option that avoids animal products and provides a unique and tasty twist on a beloved classic.

A Brief History of Vegan Pizza in Chicago

Once upon a time in the Windy City, finding a vegan pizza option was quite challenging. But as the demand for plant-based options began to rise, some pioneers emerged and made it their mission to bring irresistible vegan pizza to every corner of Chicago. Let’s stroll down memory lane and learn about the beginnings and growth of vegan pizza in this bustling city.

In the early years, vegan pizza offerings in Chicago were few and far between. You might have been lucky enough to find one or two places that carried dairy-free cheese, but the selection was usually limited. Thankfully, things began to change as more people embraced plant-based diets and sought delicious alternatives to traditional pizza.

The game-changer for Chicago’s vegan pizza scene was the arrival of Kitchen 17, an all-vegan restaurant that claimed to be the home of the original deep-dish vegan Chicago pizza. Suddenly, vegans in the city could finally enjoy a plant-based alternative to the famous dish, garnished with tasty toppings like soy sausage, spinach, onion, spicy giardiniera, and a plethora of other options. From there, the options only multiplied.

  • Kitchen 17 paved the way for more vegan pizza spots to open their doors.
  • Chicago House of ‘Za materialized in the Lakeview neighborhood, serving up all-vegan pies and quickly growing in popularity.
  • Avondale’s plant-based restaurant joined the list of go-to spots, offering vegan pizzas in various styles, including deep-dish and New York Style. Even a Mac and Cheese Deep Dish pizza made its appearance!

In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of vegan pizza options in Chicago, with more places listening to customer demands for cruelty-free and environmentally friendly alternatives. Now, you can easily find vegan pizza in many eateries across the city, and the choices are growing daily. So, while biting into your delicious vegan pizza, remember to appreciate the history and pioneers who made it possible for you to enjoy that scrumptious plant-based slice.

Why Chicago Vegan Pizza Stands Out

As a pizza lover exploring vegan options, you might wonder what makes Chicago vegan pizza exceptional. Well, Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, and when it comes to vegan pizza, the city does not disappoint. Here are a few reasons why Chicago vegan pizza stands out from the rest:

First of all, authenticity is vital. Chicago’s vegan pizza joints, such as Kitchen 17 and Chicago House of ‘Za, have taken the time to create plant-based versions of deep-dish pizza that indeed resemble and taste like the original. They have successfully replicated the flavors and textures of traditional Chicago-style pizza, proving that you don’t need animal products to enjoy this beloved dish.

Second, various vegan pizzas are available in Chicago to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita or something unique like a Mac and Cheese Deep Dish, the Windy City’s vegan pizzerias have you covered? Many restaurants offer New York-style and traditional Neapolitan options alongside their famous deep-dish pies.

Innovative ingredients play a significant role in Chicago’s vegan pizza scene. These establishments constantly push the boundaries, using creative plant-based cheeses like cashew mozzarella, flavorful sauces, and unique toppings like seitan sausages. This passion for innovation demonstrates how versatile vegan cuisine can be, especially in a city with a rich pizza history.

Here are a few recommended vegan pizza spots in Chicago:

  • Kitchen 17: 2554 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
  • Chicago House of ‘Za: Now shipping nationwide, following a temporary closure

So, next time you’re in Chicago or craving some plant-based pizza options, give the city’s vegan pizza a try. Trust us, it’s not just the novelty of a deep-dish pie that makes it stand out – it’s the delectable combination of creativity, authenticity, and variety that will keep you coming back for more.

Most Loved Vegan Pizza Places in Chicago

Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, and lucky for you, there are some fantastic vegan pizza options in the city as well. Here are some of the most loved vegan pizza places in Chicago, where you can enjoy delicious plant-based pies:

Kitchen 17 has become one of Chicago’s best spots for vegan pizza. It is located in Avondale and offers a fully vegan menu with a wide variety of dairy-free pies, ranging from deep-dish to New York-style. Be sure to try their mac and cheese deep-dish pizza for a unique and comforting flavor experience.

Paulie Gee’s in Logan Square is another great option for vegan pizza lovers. Their menu features a selection of creative vegan pizzas alongside their non-vegan options so everyone can enjoy a delicious meal. They also offer outdoor seating and takeout, making it easy to dine in or take your pizza to go.

When craving a more unique pizza experience, head over to Dimo’s. This popular pizzeria offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian pizza options with unique toppings and creative combinations. From their famous vegan mac and cheese pizza to the classic Margherita, you will indeed find something to suit your taste buds.

For a cozy neighborhood vibe, check out Reno. This spot offers delicious vegan pizza options with fresh ingredients and incredible flavor. They also have a variety of plant-based toppings so that you can customize your pizza to your liking.

Pizza Friendly Pizza in Noble Square is another must-try spot for vegan pizza enthusiasts. Their plant-based pies are loaded with scrumptious ingredients, and the friendly atmosphere makes for an enjoyable dining experience. Don’t miss their amazing vegan truffle pizza!

Dante’s Pizzeria has multiple locations across Chicago and offers mouth-watering vegan pizza options crafted with high-quality ingredients. Their bold flavors and unique combinations will leave you wanting more.

For a different crust experience, give Coalfire a try. Famous for its thin-crust coal-fired pizza, this pizzeria is a favorite among Chicagoans. Their vegan options are tasty and satisfying, with various topping options for a custom pie.

Lastly, Bonci Pizzeria serves up authentic Roman-style pizza with various vegan options. Their unique pizza-cutting style and extraordinary flavors make Bonci a must-try destination in Chicago.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty vegan pizza in Chicago, these top-rated pizza places have you covered. Happy pizza hunting!

is pizza dough veganVarieties of Vegan Pizza in Chicago

Chicago’s vegan pizza scene is thriving, offering you a diverse range of vegan pizza options. From deep dish to thin crust and everything in between, there’s something for everyone, catering to various preferences and dietary needs.

When you crave a classic deep-dish pizza, check out places like Kitchen 17. They offer satisfying vegan deep-dish pizzas topped with delicious vegan sausage, vegan cheese, and vegan mozzarella. You won’t miss out on the authentic Chicago culinary experience with this tasty option.

Dimo’s Pizza might be your go-to choice for fans of the iconic New York-style pizza. With options like Vegan Margherita and The Vegan Buff Chicken, they serve some of the best vegan pizzas in the city. Plus, if you’re looking for gluten-free options, they’ve covered you with their veggie-packed Florence Ballard pizza on a gluten-free crust.

Neapolitan pizza lovers can look forward to wood-fired, vegan-friendly options at places like Fiammé Naperville. They offer irresistible vegan pies packed with fresh vegetables and creamy cashew ricotta. Combining traditional Neapolitan pizza techniques with innovative vegan toppings creates a mouthwatering feast for your taste buds.

Many pizzerias in Chicago also cater to those who prefer a thin-crust pizza with a crunchy texture. Try the Chicago House of ‘Za in the Lakeview neighborhood, an all-vegan pizzeria serving delicious thin-crust pizzas that will leave you returning for more.

Another mouthwatering variety to try is the tomato-stuffed crust pizza from Chicago Town. Their Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Pizza is a gut-busting vegan treat filled with indulgent toppings like juicy jackfruit and tangy BBQ sauce.

The vegan pizza scene in Chicago caters to diverse tastes, offering an array of mouthwatering options that include deep dish, New York style, Neapolitan, and thin-crust varieties. You’re guaranteed a satisfying meal in this pizza paradise with toppings like vegan sausage, vegan cheese, mozzarella, and cashew ricotta.

Outstanding Vegan Pizza Ingredients

When it’s time to dive into the fantastic world of vegan pizza in Chicago, one thing is undeniable: the variety and quality of ingredients make all the difference. With the diverse options, you can enjoy an array of flavors, whether you’re looking for a classic vegan Chicago-style deep dish or something with a kick. Here are some of the key ingredients you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Vegan cheese: Plant-based cheese options range from melty vegan mozzarella to smooth cashew ricotta. These delicious dairy-free alternatives will satisfy your cravings for creamy, stretchy cheese without compromising your diet.
  • Vegan sausage: Who needs meat when you can enjoy bold, flavorful vegan sausage on your pizza? These protein-packed meat alternatives offer just the right spice and texture to enhance your pizza experience.
  • Garlic bread: Increase the flavor with some warm, crusty garlic bread. Whether you enjoy it as a side or integrate it into your pizza crust, let the aroma of garlic steer your taste buds into savory bliss.
  • Veggies: No vegan pizza is complete without a colorful array of veggies. Classic options such as bell peppers, onions, and olives are always a hit, but don’t be afraid to get creative with ingredients like artichokes, eggplant, or kale. The more, the merrier!
  • Romesco: For a tangy twist, try adding romesco to your pizza. This Spanish sauce, made of roasted red peppers and tomatoes, adds a touch of zest and complexity to your sauce and toppings layer.
  • Hot sauce: If you’re a heat fan, don’t forget to drizzle some hot sauce over your vegan pizza. It can level up the spice factor and add some kick to the flavorful combination of ingredients on your pie.

Incorporating these excellent plant-based ingredients in your vegan pizza will elevate your mouthwatering experience in the bustling vegan scene of Chicago. Experiment with different combinations, and you’ll discover a pizza creation that hits all the right notes for your taste buds.

Vegan-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago is a city that embraces diverse culinary tastes, and its vegan-friendly neighborhoods are a testament to that. In this city, you’ll find vegan eateries and establishments that cater to all sorts of preferences and styles, and incredibly delicious vegan pizza options.

Avondale is one neighborhood where you can delight your taste buds with mouthwatering vegan pizza. Kitchen 17, located in Avondale, is known for its wide array of vegan pizzas, including the crowd-favorite Mac and Cheese Deep Dish. As a fully vegan, BYOB restaurant, Kitchen 17 offers both dine-in and take-out options. Step into this cozy spot and enjoy their homemade seitan pepperoni or personalized vegan New York-style pizza.

Another vegan-friendly area in Chicago is Bucktown. While it might not have a designated vegan pizza spot, it’s still worth checking out due to its diverse food scene. The bustling streets of Bucktown offer an array of eateries that cater to various dietary needs, so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a vegan or vegan-friendly pizza joint while exploring this vibrant area.

While not exhaustive, these two neighborhoods showcase Chicago’s commitment to offering delicious and accessible vegan options for residents and visitors alike. Remember, when in Avondale or Bucktown, keep an eye out for establishments offering vegan pizza, and don’t hesitate to ask local businesses about their vegan offerings. Happy eating!

Tips for Non-Vegans Trying Vegan Pizza

If you’re a non-vegan venturing into the world of vegan pizza, don’t worry! Enjoying a delicious slice of plant-based pie is easier than you think. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your vegan pizza experience:

  • Be open-minded: Don’t dismiss vegan pizza before giving it a try. Many non-vegans are pleasantly surprised by how tasty and satisfying plant-based pizzas can be. Remember, vegan pizza is just another comfort food, and you might find a new favorite dish!
  • Explore different crust options: Vegan pizzas often have various crust options, including gluten-free and regular ones. If you’re unsure what you’ll like, order a few different crusts to see which suits your taste buds best.
  • Experiment with toppings: Vegan pizzas can be loaded with a wide range of toppings, from classic ingredients like mushrooms and olives to unique options like cashew cheese, vegan sausage, and even mac and cheese. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations and flavors – just like with traditional pizza, there’s a whole world of delicious toppings to discover.
  • Chat with the staff or chef: If you’re unsure about a specific ingredient or dish, don’t hesitate to ask the staff or chef at the restaurant. They’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and provide recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Bring your friends: Sharing a vegan pizza with friends is a great way to bond and allows you to try various flavors and styles. Whether you’re a vegan or a non-vegan, enjoying good food together makes any meal more enjoyable.

So try a vegan pizza next time you’re out in Chicago, and remember to have fun exploring new flavors and textures. With so many options for vegan pizza in the city, you’re sure to find a slice that will satisfy your cravings.

Vegan Pizza Beyond Chicago

If you’re a vegan pizza lover in Illinois, don’t worry – there are plenty of options outside of Chicago, too! With veganism becoming increasingly popular, many local and nationwide establishments have expanded their menu options to cater to this growing community.

Dante’s, a highly acclaimed pizzeria with various locations, now serves a delicious vegan cheese pizza that will satisfy your cravings. Whether in downtown Chicago or other parts of Illinois, you’ll find a vegan-friendly restaurant with a significant slice of pizza.

But it’s not just Illinois that has embraced the vegan pizza trend. Nationwide, many vegan restaurants and pizzerias are popping up, making it even more convenient for pizza lovers on plant-based diets. Here are some vegan pizza highlights from across the country:

  • Blaze Pizza: This popular pizza chain offers a vegan cheese option, allowing you to customize your pie with its extensive list of veggie toppings.
  • Pieology: Another customizable pizza place, Pieology offers Daiya vegan cheese and a variety of plant-based protein options to add to your pizza creation.
  • Mellow Mushroom: Known for its unique and creative pies, Mellow Mushroom serves up a fantastic “Vegan House Special” pizza featuring vegan cheese, various veggies, and even avocado!

With so many exciting vegan pizza options becoming available within Illinois and nationwide, you’re sure to satisfy your pizza cravings without compromising your commitment to a plant-based lifestyle. So go ahead, grab a slice (or two), and enjoy the delicious diversity of vegan pizza!

Closing Thoughts on Vegan Pizza in Chicago

As a vegan pizza enthusiast in Chicago, you have some fantastic options. Each of these businesses offers a unique spin on this beloved dish, making it easier for vegans to enjoy Chicago’s famous pizza scene.

Several vegan-friendly pizza places have received rave reviews for their delicious and creative pies. For example, Kitchen 17 is a vegan mainstay known for having some of the city’s most beloved vegan pizzas. Another restaurant, Homeslice, offers vegan substitutions and a range of veggie-packed options, ensuring that you’ll have a fantastic experience when you dine there.

Similarly, Dimo’s Pizza isn’t exclusively vegan but boasts an extensive menu of vegan-friendly toppings and combinations that cater to various tastes. While it’s unfortunate that Chicago’s first vegan pizzeria, House of ‘Za, had to close its doors permanently in 2020, the existing vegan pizza options in the city continue to thrive.

When exploring these pizzerias, don’t hesitate to try new and unique vegan pizza offerings. Mixing things up and tasting innovative pizza varieties that cater to the vegan community is always fun.

By supporting these local vegan businesses, you’re treating yourself to a delicious and satisfying meal and contributing to a growing market that values plant-based options. So bite into that scrumptious vegan slice and relish what Chicago offers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best vegan deep dish pizza in Chicago?

You won’t be disappointed when you try Kitchen 17 in Avondale. Known for its outstanding vegan deep-dish pizza, this plant-based restaurant offers a variety of dairy-free pies suitable for any vegan pizza enthusiast. If you’re up for a unique treat, don’t skip their Mac and Cheese Deep Dish ‘za!

Are there any vegan pizza restaurants in downtown Chicago?

Yes, there are several vegan pizza options available in downtown Chicago. While not exclusively vegan, Dimo’s Pizza is known for its creative and eclectic pizza offerings with a wide array of vegan-friendly choices. There’s also Bricks Chicago, where you can find delicious deep-dish vegan pizza and gluten-free options.

What are some popular Chicago vegan pizza chains?

While there may not be many exclusively vegan pizza chains in Chicago, several popular pizza joints offer vegan options. Some notable spots are Kitchen 17, Dimo’s Pizza, and Bricks Chicago. Each of these establishments caters to vegan tastes and offers a range of amazing plant-based pizzas.

Is Giordano’s offering vegan pizza options?

Giordano’s, the famous deep-dish pizza chain, currently has no specific vegan pizza on their menu. However, you can still customize a pizza with their veggie toppings and ask that they exclude cheese to make it vegan-friendly. Remember to ask about the crust and sauce to ensure they fit your vegan requirements.

Where can I buy frozen vegan pizza in Chicago?

Many grocery stores in Chicago carry frozen vegan pizza options, including popular plant-based brands like Daiya and Amy’s. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s typically stock an assortment of vegan-friendly frozen pizzas. Don’t forget to browse the frozen section of your local grocery store for more choices!

Any vegan pizza options in Chicago suburbs?

Definitely! The Chicago area has plenty of vegan pizza options in its suburbs. Try a quick online search or use a vegan-specific mobile app to discover nearby restaurants or pizzerias specializing in plant-based menu items. Chances are you’ll find a great spot to satisfy your vegan pizza cravings!

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