Is Hershey Syrup Vegan? Uncovering the Facts

As more people adopt a vegan lifestyle, the search for vegan-friendly products has increased. One such product that has sparked curiosity is Hershey’s syrup. Made by the famous chocolate company Hershey’s, this syrup is a staple in many households as a delicious topping for various desserts. Understanding whether or not Hershey syrup is vegan-friendly is important for those following a plant-based diet and looking to enjoy this classic treat.

Hershey’s syrup comes in several flavors, the most well-known being their classic chocolate syrup. To determine if the syrup suits vegans, examining the ingredients list and closely identifying any animal-derived substances is essential. Besides analyzing the ingredients, considering nutrition and assessing its use as a topping in vegan desserts will be crucial in answering whether Hershey’s syrup is vegan-friendly.

Key Takeaways

  • Hershey syrup’s vegan status depends on its ingredients and the presence of animal-derived substances.
  • Analyzing the ingredients list, nutrition, and use in vegan desserts is important for determining if Hershey’s syrup suits a vegan lifestyle.
  • Hershey’s brand offers various syrup flavors, but each must be assessed individually for its vegan compatibility.

Is Hershey Syrup Vegan?

Hershey’s syrup, a popular choice for chocolate lovers, raises the question of whether it aligns with vegan lifestyles. Many people often wonder if this flavorful condiment qualifies as vegan or not.

The ingredients found in Hershey’s chocolate syrup are as follows: high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, cocoa, sugar, potassium sorbate, salt, mono and diglycerides, xanthan gum, polysorbate 60, and vanillin. At first glance, these ingredients appear predominantly plant-based, but some might require a closer examination.

Mono and diglycerides, often used as emulsifiers in food products, pose uncertainty for vegans. These substances can derive from either plant or animal sources, and Hershey’s does not disclose their origin in the syrup. Consequently, the vegan status of this component remains uncertain.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding mono and diglycerides, Hershey’s syrup contains no obvious animal-derived ingredients such as milk, eggs, or gelatin. However, strict vegans might hesitate to consume the product given the uncertainty of some constituents.

In conclusion, Hershey’s syrup may be considered vegan since it lacks explicit animal-based components. Nevertheless, the potential presence of animal-derived mono and diglycerides could cause concern among some vegans. Individuals need to make decisions based on their dietary preferences and convictions.

Hershey Syrup Ingredients

Chocolate Syrup

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup primarily consists of water, cocoa, sugar, and corn syrup. Additional ingredients include high fructose corn syrup, salt, potassium sorbate (preservative), xanthan gum, and artificial flavor (vanillin). These ingredients result in a smooth, sweet chocolate syrup often enjoyed as a topping or mixed into beverages.

Strawberry Syrup

The main ingredients in Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup are water, sugar, corn syrup, and artificial flavor. To achieve the strawberry taste and color, this syrup contains red 40 (an artificial color) and citric acid for tartness. Other ingredients found in the syrup include sodium benzoate (preservative), sodium, and potassium. Strawberry Syrup is popular for various dessert recipes and to enhance beverages.

Caramel Syrup

Hershey’s Caramel Syrup is made with the following primary ingredients: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, water, and corn syrup. Caramel color, artificial flavor, and salt achieve the caramel flavor. To achieve the desired consistency, the syrup also contains disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, and polysorbate 60. Additionally, it features yellow 6 and yellow 5 for its coloration and potassium sorbate (preservative) to maintain freshness. The Caramel Syrup is ideal for drizzling over baked treats or adding to coffee and other beverages.

Vegan Substances

Non-Vegan Ingredients

Hershey’s syrup, specifically the chocolate flavor, contains a few non-vegan ingredients that may concern those following a vegan lifestyle. The primary non-vegan ingredient is sweetened condensed skim milk. This dairy product removes water from skim milk and adds sugar, resulting in a thick, sweet substance. Since it is a form of milk, it is considered a non-vegan ingredient.

Another non-vegan substance found in Hershey’s syrup is honey. Although it might not be as prominent as other ingredients, it is still an animal-based product obtained from bees and, therefore, not considered vegan. Some vegans also avoid refined sugar due to the processing methods, which may involve bone char as a filtering agent. Hershey’s syrup contains sugar, which may concern those following a strict vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Alternative Ingredients

For those searching for a vegan alternative to Hershey’s syrup, it’s important to seek out chocolate syrups labeled as dairy-free. These products typically use plant-based milk substitutes like almond, soy, or oat. In addition to avoiding dairy, vegan sweeteners like agave nectar or maple syrup can provide an alternative to honey and refined sugar.

For a vegan-friendly chocolate syrup, it’s crucial to look for ingredients like:

  • Dairy-free chocolate or cocoa powder
  • Plant-based milk alternatives (e.g., almond, soy, oat milk)
  • Vegan sweeteners (e.g., agave nectar, maple syrup)

By opting for a chocolate syrup made with these vegan alternatives, individuals following a vegan lifestyle can still enjoy the flavorful experience of chocolate without compromising their values.

Nutrition and Health

Calories and Carbs

Hershey’s syrup is primarily composed of sugar and carbohydrates. A typical serving of 1 tablespoon (19g) contains around 50 calories and 13g of carbs. Since Hershey’s syrup is primarily used as a topping or an ingredient in recipes, the calorie count may vary depending on the quantity used.

Vitamins and Minerals

Hershey’s syrup is not a significant source of vitamins or minerals. It primarily contains added sugars and minimal amounts of other nutrients, which makes it unsuitable as a primary source of nutrition.


Hershey’s syrup does not contain gluten or nuts, making it suitable for those with gluten intolerance or nut allergies. However, it is essential to check the label for additional ingredients that may cause allergies for individuals with specific sensitivities.

Sugar-Free and Lite Calorie Options

For those focused on weight management or looking for a lower-calorie alternative, Hershey’s offers sugar-free and lite calorie options. The sugar-free version of Hershey’s syrup replaces sugar with artificial sweeteners, while the lite-calorie version contains fewer calories and carbs.

Toppings and Desserts

Ice Cream Toppings

When it comes to ice cream toppings, finding vegan options can be a bit challenging. However, Hershey’s syrup is popular for those following a plant-based lifestyle. Its main ingredients are cocoa, sugar, and water, making it a safe bet for vegans. Additionally, there are other vegan-friendly toppings available, such as:

  • Fruit: Fresh or frozen fruit is inherently vegan and can add a natural sweetness to ice cream.
  • Coffee: Try sprinkling some instant coffee granules or using a coffee-flavored syrup for a kick of caffeine.
  • Chocolate bars: Many dark chocolate bars are vegan-friendly and can be chopped up or grated for a delicious topping.

Cake and Dessert Recipes

Incorporating Hershey’s syrup into cake and dessert recipes can result in some mouthwatering vegan treats. Some ideas include:

  • Chocolate drizzle: Use Hershey’s syrup over vegan cakes, brownies, or cookies to enhance flavor.
  • Fruit based desserts: Combine the syrup with fresh fruit to create desserts such as chocolate-covered strawberries or cherries.
  • Pudding or Mousse: Mix the syrup with silken tofu or cashew cream to make a vegan chocolate pudding or mousse.

Always double-check the ingredients to ensure all toppings and desserts are vegan-friendly. By using Hershey’s syrup and the above suggestions, you can create a variety of delicious vegan treats to enjoy.

Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

Veganism vs. Environmental Sustainability

A vegan diet is a lifestyle choice that many individuals follow to live a healthier, more compassionate, and environmentally conscious life. The vegan lifestyle involves abstaining from animal products and focusing on a predominantly plant-based diet. By doing so, vegans reduce their environmental footprint, as animal agriculture significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water consumption.

Understanding Ingredients and Labels

As demand for vegan products grows, vegans must understand ingredients and labels to make informed choices. When looking for sweets or syrups, it’s crucial to check for non-vegan ingredients such as gelatin, casein, and cochineal derived from animals. Additionally, some sugars may be processed using bone char, making them unsuitable for vegan consumption. By understanding ingredients and scanning labels diligently, vegans can ensure they maintain a vegan-friendly diet and lifestyle.

Dietary Restrictions

Vegans must pay close attention to their dietary restrictions, which involve avoiding all animal products in their diet. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and byproducts such as gelatin and casein. Vegans often consume alternative sources of protein and nutrients, such as tofu, seitan, nuts, and seeds. Veganism also extends beyond the diet, as many vegans avoid using products that involve animal exploitation or harm, like leather and fur.

In conclusion, adhering to a vegan diet and lifestyle involves understanding the environmental impact, scrutinizing ingredients on food labels, and being mindful of dietary restrictions. By doing so, vegans contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Available Flavors

Hershey’s Sundae Dream Double Chocolate Syrup

Hershey’s Sundae Dream Double Chocolate Syrup has a rich double chocolate flavor. It is an excellent choice for those who love the taste of intense chocolate, perfect for creating decadent sundaes or drizzling over fresh fruit. This delicious syrup can enhance any dessert and elevate the experience. However, it contains dairy ingredients, making it unsuitable for vegans.

Chocolate and Strawberry Syrup

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is a classic option, beloved by many for its smooth texture and unmistakable chocolate flavor. It is versatile for drinks and desserts, such as chocolate milk or topping off ice cream. Fortunately, this chocolate syrup contains no dairy ingredients, making it vegan-friendly.

Strawberry Syrup is another popular flavor, offering a sweet, fruity taste reminiscent of fresh strawberries. It works as a topping for fruity desserts or a mixer for refreshingly sweet beverages. Like the Chocolate Syrup, Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup does not contain any dairy products, making it suitable for vegans.

Caramel and Other Flavors

Caramel syrup is a delightful option for a rich buttery flavor. It can be used to elevate ordinary desserts or create luscious caramel-flavored drinks. However, this flavor contains dairy derivatives, meaning it is not vegan-friendly.

In addition to these main flavors, Hershey’s offers other syrup varieties, such as Vanilla and Reese’s Peanut Butter. The availability and ingredients for these additional flavors can vary, so checking the specific product labels for vegan-friendly options is essential. Remember to watch for dairy-derived ingredients, such as milk or whey, when choosing a vegan Hershey syrup flavor.

Hershey’s Brand and Products

Hershey’s is an iconic American brand known for its chocolate products and dessert items. This section will discuss Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and other syrups and dessert products, focusing on their vegan status.

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is a popular ingredient in various drinks and desserts. The main ingredients are high-fructose corn syrup, water, cocoa, and sugar. While these ingredients may seem vegan-friendly, it’s important to note that sugar in some US products may be processed using bone char from cattle bones. As a result, the vegan status of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup remains uncertain.

Other Syrups and Dessert Products

Hershey’s offers a range of other syrups and dessert products, such as:

  • Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup: It contains high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, artificial flavor, and citric acid. Again, the sugar processing method raises concerns about its vegan status.
  • Hershey’s Caramel Syrup: Ingredients include high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, natural and artificial flavor, and salt. This product faces the same uncertainty as the others due to sugar processing.
  • Hershey’s Shell Topping: A hardening chocolate topping made with sugar, sunflower oil, cocoa, and other ingredients. The sugar processing method is also a concern for this product’s vegan status.

Additionally, Hershey’s produces a line of yogurt products for children and adults, but these are not vegan due to the inclusion of dairy ingredients.

It is recommended that those following a strictly vegan lifestyle reach out to the company for more information on their sugar processing methods to accurately determine the vegan status of Hershey’s syrups and dessert products.

Regulations and Standards

To determine if Hershey’s syrup is vegan, one must consider the regulations and standards set by organizations like the FDA. The FDA ensures food products’ safety and proper labeling, including Hershey’s syrup.

One of the key aspects in determining whether Hershey syrup is vegan or not is the ingredient list. According to the FDA, food products must include a comprehensive list of ingredients on their labels. This helps consumers to make informed decisions about the products they consume.

When examining Hershey syrup’s ingredient list, certain components such as mono and diglycerides and polysorbate 20 raise questions about the product being vegan. Mono and diglycerides are fats that may be derived from either plant or animal sources. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to identify the source of these fats without contacting the manufacturer. Polysorbate 20 is another ingredient that has a similar ambiguity surrounding its source.

Due to these uncertainties, it becomes difficult to answer the question: is Hershey syrup vegan? Unlike some food products that are specifically labeled vegan, Hershey’s syrup does not carry such a label.

However, it is worth noting that many vegan recipes incorporate Hershey’s syrup as an ingredient. These recipes showcase creative ways to enjoy syrup while maintaining a vegan lifestyle. Consumers need to do their research and make informed decisions when selecting products that align with their dietary preferences.

In conclusion, while the FDA regulates food labeling and identifies the ingredients used in products like Hershey’s syrup, the question of the syrup being vegan remains unclear due to the uncertainty surrounding the sources of some ingredients. As a result, those following a strict vegan diet should verify the sources of these ingredients or opt for alternative vegan-friendly products to ensure compliance with their dietary requirements.


Hershey syrup, a popular chocolate-flavored topping, raises questions about its suitability for vegans. After a thorough investigation, it can be confidently stated that the original Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is generally considered vegan-friendly. The primary ingredients in the syrup include corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, water, cocoa, and sugar.

However, it is important to emphasize that Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is manufactured on shared equipment with products containing dairy. As a result, there might be some traces of dairy, which could concern some vegans.

Additionally, Hershey offers a variety of other flavored syrups, such as Strawberry and Caramel. While these flavors may have different ingredients, examining their labels closely for potential non-vegan components is crucial.

In conclusion, careful examination of Hershey’s syrup products is necessary for vegans to ensure that they align with their values and dietary preferences. While the classic Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is generally deemed suitable for vegans, it is essential to remain vigilant when selecting any other Hershey’s flavored syrups or products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hershey Syrup contain dairy products?

Hershey Syrup, specifically the original chocolate flavor, does not contain dairy products. The main ingredients are high fructose corn syrup, water, cocoa, and sugar. However, it is essential to check the labels as formulations might change.

Are there any vegan Hershey products?

Some vegan Hershey products include Twizzlers Twists and Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder. But it’s always advised to read the ingredient list and confirm the product’s vegan status.

Is Hershey’s Simply 5 syrup dairy free?

Hershey’s Simply 5 Syrup is dairy-free. It contains only five ingredients — sugar, inverted sugar, water, cocoa, and natural flavor. This syrup can be a suitable option for those avoiding dairy.

Is Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup vegan?

Unlike classic chocolate syrup, Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup lists “nonfat milk” as an ingredient. Thus, it cannot be considered vegan as it contains a dairy product.

Is Hershey’s syrup gluten and dairy free?

Hershey’s chocolate syrup is dairy and gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with gluten and dairy sensitivities. However, always check the labels for any changes in the formulation.

Is there a dairy-free chocolate syrup recipe?

Yes, there are several dairy-free chocolate syrup recipes available. One simple recipe combines unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, water, a pinch of salt, and vanilla extract. Heat these ingredients in a saucepan until they reach a smooth consistency, then let them cool and store the syrup for use.

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