Got A Foodie In The Family? Great Gift Ideas For Them in 2023

Finding the ideal gift for the foodie in your life can be a delightful experience. With their passion for all things culinary, choosing a gift that caters to their love of flavors, ingredients, and cooking is important.

However, the unfortunate reality is that most people who enjoy food will probably have been through most gifts and experiences you can find on the high street or online.

So, what do you get them? You want your gift to be unique and enjoyable, and it can be hard to know where to start. To help you navigate the vast culinary landscape, this article looks through the best foodie-based gifts in 2023, so you can give them a gift or experience they won’t forget!

Pie Box

Yes, that’s right!

Just like you can get chocolate boxes or even cheese and wine boxes delivered to someone’s home as a gift, it is now possible to have a pie box delivered to your family member’s house!

When you buy pies at Mudfoods or another online retailer, you can opt for the pies to be placed into a bundle of either sweet, savory (or both) and wrapped in attractive boxes and packages to gift to a loved one.

Even more exciting are their unique options, such as chip shop curried jackfruit pies or apricot tarts. Each vegan pie bundle is beautifully packaged and can be delivered directly to your family member’s doorstep, making it the perfect gift to spread joy this season.

Gourmet Cooking Classes

A gourmet cooking class is an excellent gift for the foodie who loves making food alongside eating it. Whether they are a seasoned chef or a culinary novices, cooking classes provide valuable insights, techniques, and inspiration. Look for classes that focus on specific cuisines, such as Thai, Italian, or French, or opt for classes that cover a range of cooking styles. With hands-on experience and expert guidance, your foodie friend will enhance their culinary skills while indulging in their passion for food.

If your foodie relative lives in a remote location, there are even online cooking courses that you can sign them up for, so they can cook new foods in a familiar environment without needing to travel.

Artisanal Food Subscription Box

One of the joys of being a foodie is discovering new and exciting flavors. An artisanal food subscription box offers a delightful monthly surprise, delivering a carefully curated selection of gourmet treats straight to their doorstep. These boxes often include handcrafted chocolates, small-batch cheeses, unique sauces, and other delectable items not easily found in local grocery stores. Your foodie friend can embark on a culinary adventure with each delivery, exploring a world of flavors and textures.

If the foodie in your life is a fan of a specific cuisine or has a cultural link to a kind that is tougher to get your hands on in the local supermarket, a subscription box can be ramped up a notch. There are options for Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, and even Grecian artisan food boxes online, so you can find something for everyone!

High-Quality Kitchen Tools

Every foodie knows that having the right tools in the kitchen can make all the difference. Consider gifting them high-quality kitchen tools that will elevate their cooking experience. A professional-grade chef’s knife, a versatile cast-iron skillet, or precision sous vide machine are just a few examples of kitchen essentials that any food lover would appreciate. Opt for durable, well-crafted items that will stand the test of time and enhance their culinary creations.

Or, why not go in a more classic direction with your gifted kitchen tools? The option to gift higher-end items such as marble cutting boards, crafted butcher knives, and tools will always go down well. Provided, that is, that your foodie relative doesn’t have them already!

Food and Travel Experiences

For the foodie who craves both delicious dishes and exciting adventures, a food and travel experience is an unforgettable gift that (if you can splurge) you can share with them! Treat them to a culinary tour in a food-centric destination, such as Italy, Thailand, or Mexico, where they can immerse themselves in the local gastronomy. Alternatively, you can book a reservation at an exclusive restaurant they’ve always dreamed of visiting. These experiences provide opportunities to indulge in mouthwatering dishes and offer a deeper understanding of different culinary traditions and cultures.

Best of all, if you book an experience like this to somewhere like the south of France, Italy, or Spain, it can be mixed with a wine tour, so they will get the best of both worlds!

Other Gift Ideas

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be about eating food!

While it may seem odd to gift an item to a foodie that isn’t food, as the aforementioned kitchen set showed, there is more to food than just eating and prepping it.

So, here are some additional ideas for the foodie in your life, which are not only a bit more affordable, but they also showcase their passion.

Food Literature

If the foodie in your life also loves reading, consider gifting them food-related literature. This could include memoirs by renowned chefs, books exploring food history, or fictional works that revolve around culinary themes.

Food Photography or Art

Enhance their kitchen or dining area with food-themed artwork or photography. Look for prints, posters, or even original pieces that capture their favorite ingredients, culinary scenes, or food-related still-life compositions.

Food-related Decor

Find kitchen or dining room decor items that align with their foodie interests. This could include themed dishware, unique salt and pepper shakers, decorative tea towels, or even food-shaped magnets for the refrigerator.

Food Science Kits

For foodies with a scientific curiosity (or for foodies that have young kids!), consider food science kits that allow them to explore molecular gastronomy, experiment with flavors, or create their own unique food combinations.

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