Best Vegan Coffee Creamer: Creamy and Dairy-Free Picks

For those who don’t like black coffee or tea, coffee creamer, either in powder or milk form, gives your favorite morning or afternoon beverage the correct dose of creamy richness. Coffee creamers first hit the market in the mid-20th century, becoming the perfect alternative to milk.

The main ingredient in most coffee creamers is not milk. Coffee creamers primarily contain vegetable oil and corn syrup when they are powdered. However, some coffee creamers have sodium caseinate, a milk protein. That is the ingredient that makes some brands non-vegan. Additionally, if a creamer carton has a lactose-free label, it’s almost sure it contains dairy. Always look at the ingredients to ensure you are getting a plant-based creamer.

When looking at vegan creamers in liquid form, there are many options. Their creamy base could contain one of several types of non-dairy products, including soy, oat, coconut, or hemp milk. Some are unsweetened, while others are flavored. There are also creamers for those on a keto diet.

Finding a vegan coffee creamer was challenging, but grocery stores have many choices nowadays. Finding a creamer that will satisfy you taste-wise has become easier, even when following a vegan diet. Here’s a list to help you find the best vegan coffee creamer that matches your taste:

Creamy and Delicious: Best Vegan Coffee Creamer Options

There’s more than plant-based milk in a coffee creamer. Several added ingredients add texture and shelf life to creamers. These include sweeteners, salt, stabilizers such as lecithin, locust bean or gellan gum, and calcium carbonate or potassium citrate as preservatives. Even though they contain additives and preservatives that may reduce their nutritional value, as long as you indulge in moderation, it’s okay.

The options for the best vegan creamers are plenty, and here are some that we will mention below, not necessarily in that order:

  • Silk
  • Ripple
  • Oatley
  • Chobani
  • Coffee Mate
  • Sown
  • Cailifia
  • So Delicious
  • Whole Foods 365
  • Milkadamia
  • Elmhurst 1925
  • Nut Pods
  • Good Karma
  • Not Milk from NotCo

Plant-Based Perfection: Top Choices for Vegan Creamer

When looking for the best vegan coffee creamer, one of the most important criteria is the taste of creamy perfection. Here are two of the top choices for vegan creamer:


With several vegan coffee creamers to choose from and its long-term presence on the market, Silk earns its place among the top choices. The Original Soy Creamer has a thinner consistency if you don’t want a creamer that’s too rich. Even though soy does tend to separate in warm beverages, this one doesn’t. If you want a richer version, try the Silk Vanilla Creamer or the half-and-half with oat and coconut milk.


Ripple’s Half & Half is the perfect vegan coffee creamer if you want one that’s creamy but contains no sugar. It’s so rich, making this creamer ideal for cooking and baking. Thanks to the pea protein, this creamer has a neutral flavor and contains no soy, nuts, or carrageenan.

Taste the Difference: Best Plant-Based Creamer for Coffee

The best vegan coffee creamer has a neutral flavor and is unsweetened, allowing you to choose to add sweetener. Here are two that let you drink your coffee as you prefer:

Sown Organic Oat creamer Unsweetened

Some coffee creamers have flavor and added sugar, whereas this one by Sown is unsweetened. This coffee creamer stands out because of its creamy texture that adds a divine richness to a cup of your favorite brew. The creamer has a neutral taste that does not affect the flavor of your coffee.

When adding sugar to coffee, it’s always best to have your options open, especially if you like just a none, a bit, or a lot. The fact that this coffee creamer is unsweetened makes it popular because you can add sugar to taste. There’s also a sweetened variety for those who want a sweet coffee creamer.


Serious coffee drinkers want several options for indulging their favorite beverage. Therefore, they need a coffee creamer that will foam for both their cold and warm coffee choices. Not Milk is a Chilean brand that resembles dairy milk in flavor and texture, making it the ideal barista vegan coffee creamer, even if you want to pour it straight into your favorite brew.

Elevate Your Morning Brew: The Best Vegan Coffee Creamer Picks

Vegan coffee creamers are there to elevate your morning brew. If you are still unsure which are the best vegan coffee creamer picks for your morning java, here are another two to consider:


Milkadamia, made with macadamia nuts, is another creamer that can double as milk thanks to its creamy and ultra-rich taste. It is unsweetened, making it another favorite among the coffee creamer picks for those who don’t want a sweetener. It’s vegan, suitable for a keto diet, and contains non-GMO ingredients. It also foams well if you prefer a cold brew with froth.


Oatly’s Barista Edition is a great vegan coffee creamer that’s not only for baristas. It gives your home-brewed lattes a rich flavor. However, if you want a flavored creamer, try the Oatly Mocha or Caramel Oatmilk creamers.

Creamy Goodness: Discover the Best Plant-Based Coffee Creamer

Several options are worth considering when looking for a plant-based coffee creamer with creamy goodness. Here are two that you will love:

Chobani Oat

The Plain Barista Edition of Chobani Oat is another excellent option worth discovering. The company is known for its oat-based creamers and yogurt products. You can froth this milk for a delicious cappuccino or add it as is to your favorite brew. Try the Pumpkin Spice Oat Creamer in the cooler months if you prefer one with flavor. Both are worthy options for replacing cow’s milk.

Coffee Mate

Here’s a company with several versions of vegan coffee creamers and flavors. Their plant-based creamers contain either almond, oat, and coconut milk. You can also choose flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar Oat, Vanilla, and Sweet Crème.


Vegan Delights: Unveiling the Best Plant-Based Creamer Options

Plant-based creamer options have the advantage of adding vegan milk to your hot beverages without the curdling caused by the heat and acidity. You can, of course, add coconut milk out of a can, but it contains quite a bit of saturated fat. Therefore, you will want to add one of these vegan delights to your shopping basket. Creamers are also ideal for creating other vegan delights.


Turn your coffee into a treat with one of Cailifia’s vegan creamers. Their indulgent unsweetened oat creamer is great if you don’t want added sugar or flavor. However, if you prefer a treat, try the Vanilla Oat Creamer, the French Vanilla Almondmilk Creamer, Oat Creamer Cinnamon Roll, or the Caramel Crème Iced Café Mixer.

So Delicious

So Delicious is another favorite vegan brand that has been making vegan products for a while. You can indulge your favorite vegan delights by using their coconut-based creamers. They have two varieties – Sweet & Creamy and French Vanilla. Try them both for their creaminess and flavor.

Indulge Guilt-Free: Explore the Best Vegan Creamer for Coffee

To indulge guilt-free, you must prefer unsweetened organic vegan coffee creamers with no unnecessary ingredients. Therefore, ensure they have no emulsifiers, gums, fillers, etc. These are two firm favorites:

Elmhurst 1925

The Original Oat Creamer from Elmhurst is the ideal creamer if you prefer to have as few additives as possible and no sugar in your favorite beverage. Elmhurst 1925 also has a range of barista creamers, including almonds, cashews, oats, pistachios, and walnut milk. If you want to spoil yourself occasionally, try their flavored creamers, including a Chai Spice, Pistachio Crème, and Caramel Macchiato.

Good Karma

If you want a nutrient-packed creamy coffee creamer, try the Oatmilk+ Barista Blend or the Oats + Flax Plantmilk Blend from Good Karma. The blend contains creamy oats, flax seeds, and pea protein. These are full of nutrients and have the greatest frothing effect. You can enjoy your coffee guilt-free since it also contains no sugar but provides a boost of Omega-3s. Good karma carries a nonGMO Project verification, and the coffee creamer is free of dairy, nuts, and soy.

Dairy-Free Delights: Uncovering the Best Vegan Coffee Creamer

So far, there’s no shortage of vegan creamers to ensure you enjoy dairy-free delights. Here’s uncovering some more, ensuring you can choose the best vegan coffee creamer for your coffee time.

Nut Pods

Here’s a range of creamers to enhance your tea or coffee fix. If you want things uncomplicated, you should prefer the creamy oat milk made especially for baristas because it froths exceptionally well. There are also two varieties for those preferring cold brews. However, if you want something more exciting flavorwise, try the unsweetened Toasted Marshmallow, French Vanilla, or Cinnamon Swirl or their special editions and favorite collections.

Whole Foods 365

It may be a no-name brand, but this budget-friendly creamer from Whole Foods is worth mentioning when discussing the best vegan coffee creamers. Made with almond milk, you can expect a smooth and creamy consistency without complications. Moreover, it tastes just as good in a hot or cold brew.

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