7 Simple Tricks To Build More Muscle On A Strict Vegan Diet

Veganism has been a trending topic for the last few decades. It transitioned from a tiny movement to a mainstream health obligation. But can we build muscle on a strict vegan diet

Switching to a plant-based diet leads to a healthier lifestyle. But a vegan diet alone is insufficient to support the body that undergoes intense workouts. So while a vegan diet has its dietary challenges, supplementation does an excellent job. 

We’ve mentioned simple tricks to gain muscles with a vegan diet to answer this better. Keep reading to find out. 

How To Build More Muscle On a Strict Vegan Diet?

Now you might be worried if a plant-based diet does any good for building muscle and overall health.

The answer is a big yes; you must remember that the challenges are numerous and meant to be overcome. However, in this article, you’ll come across everything you require to know about building more muscle while being on a strict vegan diet.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the process of muscular development. It’s generally accepted for optimal muscle. A vegan bodybuilding diet also changes during different stages of a bodybuilder’s life. Their protein comes from beans, peas, lentils, tofu, peanuts, other nuts and seeds, and so on.

To help you nail your strict vegan diet to build more muscle, we’re here to hit you with 7 simple ways to develop muscle, too – all on a plant-based lifestyle. Let’s go through all of them.

  1. Figure out your macros
  2. Eat whole food
  3. Watch your calories
  4. Find a quality vegan protein 
  5. Try supplementing with creatine
  6. Lift heavy
  7. Work variety with your meals

#1 Figure Out Your Macros

When it comes to building muscles, the prime factor that affects your overall muscle building is to balance out the essential macros. The ratio and the proportion of fat, carbohydrates, and protein should be perfect for essential training, recovery, and building those extra muscles.

The vital point you must never forget is to figure out how much protein you might truly need to increase muscle growth in your targeted areas.

#2 Eat Whole Food

The first thought while seeking a plant-based protein supplement is how much protein you require. The prime reason behind protein supplements is the increasing strength and development of fibers in our bodies. Hence, we should get a plant-based protein with a total amino acid profile.

Whole food is much more nutritious than protein supplements as they provide your body with all the essential nutrients and nourish your body, which is essential to generate energy and provide quicker recovery. Hence, you must always look out for those raw, unprocessed, fresh foods wherever possible.

The concern is that plant-based protein sources with a full amino acid profile are not found easily due to their less availability. But it’s certainly not an obstacle once you know the vital sources of your complete profile protein.

We have shortlisted some of the vegan high protein whole foods for you so that your search can be made easier:

  • Spirulina
  • Hemp seed
  • Edamame
  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Quinoa

#3 Watch Your Calories

When we talk about building muscle, the first concern that comes to mind is the calculation of calories, whether you are a vegan or not. If you are not taking proper food and starving yourself, your body won’t have the required energy to build those muscles, and to your horror, you will also start losing whatever muscles you have gained.

Calories help build muscles quickly. However, along with muscles, your fat levels also tend to grow. Hence keep a watch on fat levels and take a fat-free diet. The best alternative is adding 10-20 % to your body’s basic calories. 

You should be certain that you are working out regularly, training weights, and hitting your protein intake without fail. This entire regime will help you provide those additional energies your body requires to lay down lean, fat-free mass.

For you to begin your journey, there are hundreds of free sites that offer helpful tools.

#4 Find A Quality Vegan Protein Powder

As mentioned above, the primary protein requirements should come from whole foods. Still, you can always take one protein shake daily to supplement your daily requirements and help you complete your recommended intake.

These days, multiple vegan options come from protein shakes and snacks.

You can also shop for some soy protein as they are the highest source of complete amino acid protein per 100g.

#5 Try Supplementing With Creatine

Creatin is one of the essential requirements for the muscle energy process, and it’s proven to increase your power output during resistance training. This has increased strength, athletic performance, and muscle volume.

All the tips and tricks we share here are excellent, but it’s more important for those without a vegan diet. The body is self-sufficient to create creatine naturally, but creatin is also available in meat. Hence, if no meat is in your diet, you might find it difficult to top up your natural creatine levels and the benefits they usually provide.

If you take supplements with creatine powder in them regularly, you can feel additional power while working out without eating meat.

#6 Lift Heavy

It is evident that If you are practicing the regime mentioned above and doing everything. However, if there are still no visible results you expect, then it is probably time to look into your workouts.

The muscles of your body can be built very easily if you regularly train weight. Hence, challenging your body is very important. Building muscles is possible only through progressive overloads, a regime where you add extra loads to your lifts as your body can adapt to the weight you put it under.

When heading for your gym, remember to observe certain points while lifting. Is it difficult for you to lift? Are you being left with body aches the next day? Is it possible for you to lift extra weights and complete your reps? If all the above are possible, then try to go ahead and complete those.

#7 Work Variety With Your Meals

Lastly, we can always suggest that to ensure that you are healthy and get optimum results from the workouts you are into. You must plan to include a lot of variety in your diet. 

This supplies your entire system with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires to keep you in the best of health and good shape; it even boosts your metabolic rate, which again is one of the important reasons to build muscles.

You keep your vegan diet exciting and enjoyable when adding variety to your plant-based menu. Hence, it is more likely that you will stick to it. In addition, if you are determined to stay lean, add some weight loss food to your diet to complement your efforts.

Final Say

With all the tips and tricks we have provided on building muscles while you are on a vegan diet, you’re all set to begin your journey of muscle building. Once you know what and how much you must be consuming, you have won half the race.

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