What Are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices?

There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of juice. Fresh juice is hard to beat, whether it is part of your morning routine, a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day, or a nutritious element of your post-workout routine. One of the benefits of juice is that there is a rich variety of options and flavors to choose from. Even for people who struggle to enjoy eating all their fruits and veggies, the juice provides a fun, delicious way of getting nutrition without the hassle. If most people are honest, they don’t enjoy eating something like kale – but when it’s part of a delicious juice smoothie, they can’t even notice it but still enjoy the nutritional benefits.

Like most things in the health world, one question looms and is hard to get away from – is this healthy for me? While it may seem like a no-brainer that a fruit or vegetable juice would be a healthy option, you can’t blame people for being suspicious. For decades the news has been full of headlines about how certain foods or processed products have been linked to disease and unhealthy lifestyles. What’s more, with everything being so mass-produced in the modern world, it seems suspicious that any company could be upfront with how they make a product.

If people have suspicion toward any product that claims to be healthy, unfortunately, they probably have a good reason for that suspicion. However, that’s not to say that every brand secretly uses sweeteners and harmful sugars to make their product more appealing or uses harsh chemicals and GMOs to enhance productivity. Even though it can seem complicated to trust anything that boasts health benefits on the market nowadays, there are still incredible products that are as good for you as they are delicious. 

One such product is cold pressed juice cleanses. You need to know about the four benefits of a cold-pressed juice cleanse.

Cold is Better

If you have never heard of a cold-pressed juice, you may be a little confused as to why it is the healthiest kind of juice on the market. The cold-pressed method of juicing is simple because it does not use any heat-based tactics to create the delicious juice you enjoy. This means no centrifuge, no single auger style, nothing that might create a lot of heat and thus extract juice from the flesh of vegetables and fruit. 

When juicing, you have to get the juice out. Traditional methods of juicing and mass production require friction and heat. This is a suitable method for producing a volume of juice, but the quality of the juice depreciates when it undergoes harsh treatment. In addition, the heat from any kind of heat-based method can harm the juice. 

Heat harms proteins and can denature important nutritional substances inside of juice during the juicing process. As a result, the same great taste stays intact, but the nutritional elements take a hit. On the other hand, cold-pressed does not use any kind of heat but instead squeezes the juice from the vegetable or fruit. 

This method of extraction that uses no heat helps create a richer, more nutrient-dense product because the juice itself was not subject to heat at any part of the process. This is why cold-pressed juice is a process you can trust to deliver the most nutritional benefit when it comes to drinking juice. 

Cleanses Kick Start Your Goals

There’s no cure for a cleanse, but it can help jump-start a process! Not only that, but they can give you a boost to your health at any point in your journey and bring real national benefits. For example, a cleanse won’t fix a hangover or be a solution for weight loss but can launch you into both processes. 

A cold-pressed juice cleanse is a chance to hit pause and reset your body, giving you a jolt of nutritional benefit that can supplement almost any goal. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, cold-pressed juice can help recenter your pallet and start a new eating regimen. If you are trying to detox from a long weekend, a juice cleanse can kick-start this process, flush your system out, and re-stocked with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. 


The two main benefits of a cold-pressed juice to cleanse are that his method of juicing gives you the most nutritional benefit, and cleanses help kick start your goals. Not only will a cold-pressed juice cleanse provide you with noticeable results, but it will be delicious the entire time.

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