Laura Dern’s Secret to Ageless Beauty

Diet plays a massive role in ensuring that you can age in good health and gracefully. So as we age, we become more and more interested in finding that diet or those eating habits that will help keep us looking young no matter how old we get. According to Eat This, 51-year-old actress Laura Dern has discovered some great secrets.

Laura Dern has always been known for playing strong women in movies and TV series such as Jurassic World, Marriage Story, Big Little Lies, and Little Women. Eat This accurately refers to the actress’s “beauty and grace”, which seems to glow all the more strongly as she ages. This has marked her out and led many people to speculate about the actress’s wellness routine and eating habits. Indeed, the actress is one of True Botanicals’, “band of activists”, with whom she works to promote healthy skin care practices and sell the company’s products, which are made with natural and organic ingredients.

An interview with the Wall Street Journal shared some of her secrets, saying that she began the day by waking up at 6:30 a.m and meditating for a few minutes. She avoids using the phone when she wakes up. Instead, she has juice with her children, with homemade celery or apple-ginger juice. She scrambles some eggs and has a vegan sausage if she has enough time. She then has English breakfast tea, roasted green tea, and isopropyl vitamin C packets before taking her children to school. Her morning is all about centering her.

Dern has a very natural approach to skincare. She says she likes to use lipstick but doesn’t, for instance, cover her face in foundation. She believes in doing her utmost to keep her skin healthy and taught her daughter that. As anyone pursuing a Botox certification knows, healthy skin is not just about the products you use or treatments you get. A person also has to have the right eating habits. Dern shares this principle, and wellness guru Mark Sisson, who has helped make paleo diets fashionable, agrees with it. In a blog post on skincare, he notes that good nutrition is vital to keeping your skin looking good.

Dern’s healthy eating habits are based on three simple principles:

Eat Clean

Dern grew up in a home where dessert meant having organic fruit from the farmer’s market. She loves to eat clean; it’s in her DNA. However, she acknowledges that it can be hard to eat right when you have a busy schedule, especially when you have children, and there’s pressure to get out of the house as quickly as possible. So the important thing is to eat clean whenever possible.

Avoid Gluten or Dairy

Dern says her entire family consists of clean eaters who avoid gluten and dairy. Some people avoid gluten and dairy because their bodies are intolerant to them. However, if this is not the case, you should speak to a doctor before deciding to go off them completely.

Have Matcha Tea and Honey

Finally, Dern enjoys having a cup of matcha tea made with Manuka honey. Manuka is her secret ingredient; she even uses it when they are unwell, making them a special tea with Manuka honey, fresh ginger, and some cayenne.

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