5 Ways to Incorporate Veganism into Your Lifestyle Beyond Diet

To help you incorporate veganism into your lifestyle beyond your diet, we reached out to experts in psychology and entrepreneurship. From practicing mindfulness with shopping to opting for vegan-friendly beauty supplies, here are five unique insights these professionals shared.

  • Practice Mindfulness with Shopping
  • Purchase Cruelty-Free Clothing
  • Embrace Low-Waste Living 
  • Choose Certified Cruelty-Free Products
  • Opt for Vegan-Friendly Beauty Supplies

Practice Mindfulness with Shopping

Incorporating veganism into our lifestyle becomes a tangible exercise in mindfulness. It’s about being fully present, mindful, and intentional in our decisions. 

Cruelty-free cleaning products, fragrances, and aftershave have been consciously chosen in daily life. Every time they are used, they serve as a reminder of dedication to respecting all life forms, reinforcing commitment to a more compassionate lifestyle. 

These daily acts, rooted in mindfulness, highlight that not only the grand gestures but also the everyday choices define our impact on the world.

Bayu Prihandito, Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

Purchase Cruelty-Free Clothing

One impactful way I embraced veganism was by choosing cruelty-free clothing. I remember rummaging through racks at a local store on a particular afternoon when I stumbled upon a beautifully crafted belt. It wasn’t until I inspected the label that I realized it was vegan leather

Intrigued, I decided to purchase it. Since then, it’s become a staple in my wardrobe, reminding me that compassionate choices can be stylish, too. This personal shift supported my ethical beliefs and showcased how easy it can be to make small, meaningful changes in daily life.

Derek Bruce, First Aid Training Director, Skills Training Group

Embrace Low-Waste Living

I see being a low-waste household as a part of my veganism. We may be using items not made vegan, but if we throw them away to buy something vegan, we’re creating more waste, which is not helpful to the environment. 

When I need a new product, many websites educate me on the most vegan-friendly body washes, soaps, and clothing! The goal is to try and fix an item, see if I have extras in my house I forgot about, or find a sustainable solution. 

A great example is my shaving soap. I used to buy soap in a plastic container that lasted a few months. Now, I buy a vegan shaving puck that I lather in a cup that comes in a paper container, and it very well may last the whole year. A little extra research and I’ve solved multiple problems in one purchase!

James Barnes, Corporate Trainer, James Bee Media, LLC

Choose Certified Cruelty-Free Products

One way to incorporate veganism into your lifestyle is to buy certified cruelty-free products. This includes makeup, beauty products, and cleaning supplies. These logos help you easily identify the best products for your lifestyle. 

Besides avoiding ingredients tested on animals, you can also search for vegan brands that don’t use animal byproducts. For example, many makeup brushes are made from animal hair. But plenty of synthetic brushes are available for purchase that work just as well.

Matthew Ramirez, Co-Founder, USMLE Test Prep

Opt for Vegan-Friendly Beauty Supplies

Apart from diet, one specific way to incorporate veganism into your lifestyle is by choosing cruelty-free beauty products. This means opting for cosmetics and personal care items that are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

A common example of this would be using vegan-friendly nail polish. Traditional nail polishes often contain shellac or carmine derived from insects, making them unsuitable for vegans. However, alternative brands offer vegan nail polish options with plant-based ingredients and without animal testing. 

By consciously selecting such products, individuals can ensure that their beauty routine aligns with their values of compassion towards animals and contributes to a more ethical lifestyle overall.

Steve Dinelli, Founder, MarketerInterview.com

The Vegan Lifestyle: It’s More Than Just a Plate!

You’ve mastered the art of vegan cooking, but are you ready to take your compassion for all life forms to the next level? From your closet to your travel plans, discover how to weave veganism into the very fabric of your daily life. Here’s your roadmap to an all-encompassing vegan lifestyle, with insights from experts across various fields.

Get Social: Attend Vegan Events and Workshops

A community of like-minded individuals can provide valuable support and fresh insights. Look for vegan cooking classes, eco-conscious workshops, and animal rights campaigns in your area. Dive into these experiences to both learn and influence.

Read and Watch Responsibly: Consume Vegan Media

Books and documentaries that advocate veganism can keep you motivated. They offer deeper knowledge and engage you emotionally, strengthening your commitment. The more you know, the more reasons you have to stay committed to your cause.

Veganize Your Home Decor

Consider using cruelty-free and sustainable materials in your home decor. The options are endless, from faux leather couches to bamboo furniture and organic cotton bedding. Let your home be a reflection of your ethics.

Adventure Responsibly: Travel Vegan

Traveling is fun, but it can be a minefield for a vegan. Research ahead for vegan-friendly accommodations and eateries. Apps like HappyCow can help you find restaurants. Remember to be cautious about local customs and food preparations.

Teach Compassionate Values to the Young Ones

Use storytelling or interactive activities to impart the importance of kindness to animals and the environment to kids. This makes for a fun activity and plants seeds for the next generation of conscious thinkers.

Integrating veganism fully into your life doesn’t stop at your plate. It weaves through the books you read, the events you attend, the places you visit, and even how you decorate your home. When practiced in its true essence, veganism becomes less of a diet and more of a rewarding, holistic lifestyle.

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