How To Go Vegan For A Month

If you want to try veganism, learning how to go vegan for a month is a great way to start your new diet and health journey. Whether it is for health or philosophical reasons, many people think twice about consuming animal products. So, are you wondering how to go vegan for a month?

Going vegan for a month can be challenging for people who incorporate meat and dairy into their daily diet. However, by staying positive, taking it at your own pace, being open to new foods, and asking for help, you will be able to go vegan for a month and decide if you want to continue!

Going vegan will offer you loads of health benefits, and it might even change your body in some ways. So let’s take a more detailed approach to how to go vegan for a month and how to prepare yourself mentally!

Looking Into The Vegan Lifestyle

When you think about it, going vegan is pretty straightforward. However, in little to no time, you will look at your plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle from a whole other perspective.

If you are already reducing the animal-based products in your life by eating a diet based on plants, you will see many minor changes.

However, if you go from eating animal meat and dairy daily and chance to a diet consisting of plants, you may see changes very soon.

Let’s take a look at how your first month of going vegan is going to go:

Take It At Your Own Pace

It is essential to keep your end goal in mind, but it is most important to go at your own pace. Some people prefer to go vegan instantly, and if this sounds like the correct way for you to do it as well, go for it!

However, do not worry if it feels to you that you need to take a little more time. Such as every other change in your lifestyle, going vegan will take getting used to, but it also takes time to calculate what will work best according to you.

Going vegan is not as easy as taking only one approach, and the chances are that you will need several techniques to get comfortable.

Do It Correctly

You have to ensure that you won’t miss out on those essential nutrients!

It is crucial to keep in mind that even though you will be vegan, you will not be 100% healthy, as there are vegan versions of almost any type of junk food you can imagine.

As long as you make sure that you eat a wide variety of plant-based foods, you’ll have an easy time planning a healthy diet that consists of all the nutrients and vitamins you need.

You can check out nutrition pages, educate yourself, or make an appointment with a registered dietitian.

Always Be Open To Try New Things

When going vegan, you have to expose your taste buds to new flavors and food. So you need to be alright with the fact that you need to leave your food comfort zone and try new cuisines.

There are millions of vegan food recipes out there. It doesn’t matter what your culinary preferences are. You will undoubtedly come face to face with new dishes and exciting takes on your favorite old food.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that you don’t have to be a professional vegan lifestyle chef to make delicious vegan-friendly meals. You’ll be surprised by all the different meals you can easily prepare from things in your kitchen or local supermarket!

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If you tend to feel overwhelmed about things quickly, you may get overwhelmed when going vegan. However, it would help you know that you are not alone on your vegan journey, and many are struggling.

Always ask questions, like, “how do I bake a cake without eggs?” or, “where can I purchase vegan chocolate?.” Also, always ask questions to other vegans.

There is nothing better than socializing and communicating with people in the same position as you!

Remember Why You Made The Choice

When things get complicated, continuously keep reminding yourself of why you have chosen a vegan lifestyle. It will also help if you list all the benefits you have felt since going vegan.

You will find it easy to transition to the vegan lifestyle, but we all have bad days. And on these bad days when the whole vegan change seems pointless, take a big breath and reflect on your choices and benefits reaped so far.

Never Give Up!

As long as you believe in yourself, transitioning to vegan will be like second nature to you! Remember, you will always have much better reasons to stick with your decision than against it.

If you are having issues with people such as your family and friends not supporting you, don’t give up!

Health Benefits Of Becoming Vegan

When you become vegan, your body will thank you! You will reap many benefits, such as lower blood pressure and many more! Let’s take a look at the benefits of becoming vegan:

A Vegan Diet Is Much Richer In Specific Nutrients

If you switch to a vegan lifestyle from a general Western diet, it is needless to say that you will have to eliminate all meat and animal products.

This will ultimately mean you will need to reply more significantly on other types of food. It is advised to take the whole-foods vegan diets, which consist of replacements in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, peas, and beans.

Becoming Vegan Can Help You Lose Weights

People have been turning to plant-based diets to get rid of some excess weight. This may be for their health or better themselves, and they have started in the right way!

Many studies have shown that vegans tend to be much thinner and have much lower body mass indexes than non-vegans.

Improved Kidney Function, Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Going into the vegan lifestyle will also benefit persons with type 2 diabetes or people who struggle with declining kidney function.

Vegans tend to have much lower blood sugar levels and higher insulin sensitivity. This means they have a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than non-vegans.

A Vegan Lifestyle May Protect You Against Cancer

According to the World Health Organisation, one-third of all types of cancers can be prevented by factors within your control.

By transitioning to vegan, you will lower your risk of developing cancer.

Decreased Risk Of Heart Disease

Eating fiber, fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes are linked to a lower chance of heart disease. So if you plan your vegan diet well, you will know to include these foods in big amounts.

People who have gone vegan have a 75% lower risk of developing high blood pressure, and they also have up to a 42% lower risk of dying of heart diseases.


Vegan diets will provide you with a wide variety of health benefits. In addition, research has found many benefits of going vegan, and they continuously find new ones. With this being said, it can only benefit you to increase the amounts of nutrient-rich and whole plant foods in your diet.

We hope your first month of going vegan is successful, and remember, always ask questions and stay positive!


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