“Cheers!”: What Food to Serve with a Moscow Mule to Make the Ultimate Pairing

Enjoying a Moscow Mule recipe isn’t just about the drink – adding delicious snacks can take your evening to the next level. We’ve compiled a list of six foods that pair perfectly with this refreshing cocktail.

Six Snacks, Sides, And Foods To Serve With a Moscow Mule

  1. Potato Chips: The classic snack of potato chips pairs perfectly with the Moscow Mule. For the best taste, try salty or spicy chips. Kettle-style chips are an excellent choice, too, as they are more filling than regular chips.
  2. Toasted Bread: Toasted bread with toppings like cheeses or spreads can be a simple yet tasty side with a Moscow Mule. Get creative and add your favorite toppings to make this satisfying side.
  3. Sushi: When looking for something more substantial than a snack, sushi can be the perfect small meal to accompany your drink. Sushi has a light, clean taste, and you can avoid a heavy aftertaste by being careful with the toppings.
  4. Nachos with Dip: A classic bar favorite, nachos with dip are always crowd-pleasers. You can use traditional dips like cheese or salsa or a unique one like guacamole. Feeling creative? Try making your dip at home!
  5. Asian Foods: Asian foods use ginger flavors similar to the Moscow Mule, making them ideal pairings. Cool drinks and spicy foods always complement each other, making this a perfect combination.
  6. Sweet Potato Dishes: Balance out the spicy Moscow Mule with some sweet potatoes. You can fry, mash, or bake your potatoes to create various dishes, including fries, soups, and stuffed potatoes.

Don’t settle for just a good drink – take it to the next level with the right food accompaniment. Whether you want something quick and simple like chips and dip or a more complex dish like a spicy noodle salad, there is something for everyone to try.

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