Can You Enjoy Cannabis in Food?

Cannabis goods manufacturers have given us dozens of ways to enjoy cannabis. We can buy it in tinctures, lotions, gummies, and even chocolate. However, not everyone wants to add something additional to their daily menu. Instead, they want to incorporate cannabis into the foods they already eat.

In that case, you’re likely curious about how to enjoy cannabis in everyday food – and whether it’s even possible. Aside from buying pre-made goods, you might like to use cannabis flowers in some of the following ways:  

Make Butter

Whether you have premium Snozzberry flower, Secret Dream, Frosted Kush, or another standout cannabis flower at your disposal, you can whip up some butter. Known as ‘cannabutter’ to those in the cannabis community, it’s a versatile ingredient for baking and other edibles. If a dish requires butter, you might be able to substitute it for cannabis butter and enjoy the effects. Get creative in the kitchen and see where your imagination takes you. There are many incredible recipes, like fudge, cookies, cheesecake, and even a hearty steak.

Create Oil

You can make cannabis oil by heating decarboxylated cannabis and using a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. The longer you cook your cannabis, the more potent the oil can often be. Cannabis oil can be just as versatile as cannabis butter.

It can suit various savory and sweet dishes, such as guacamole, summer salads, pesto pasta, meatballs, and mashed potatoes. Anything you would typically add could become a suitable dish for cannabis oil. Get creative in the kitchen and see what imaginative dishes you can whip up.

Infuse Your Tea

Not everyone wants to go through the effort of preparing an entire recipe so that they can enjoy cannabis. In that case, combine it with your evening cup of tea. If you have a homemade cannabis tincture, stir it into a soothing mug of tea. While you might notice the earthiness, a heavily scented brew can overpower it. Choose aromas like jasmine, rose, and lavender to cut through the intensity of the cannabis.

Make It a Sweetener

If you have a sweet tooth, you might assume your only cannabis options are gummies and other sweet treats from established businesses. These are undoubtedly a convenient and popular option for on-the-go users. However, you can also make your sweet cannabis products.

Wrap decarboxylated cannabis flower in a cheesecloth and place it in a jar with a cup of honey. Close the jar lid, place the jar in a crockpot, and fill the crockpot with water. Ensure there’s enough water to submerge the jar fully. Set the temperature to 200 degrees and leave it to infuse for up to eight hours. You can then use your cannabis-infused honey in recipes like sweets, baked goods, smoothies, and dressings.

There’s no denying that premade cannabis goods are convenient, delicious, and affordable. However, if you love getting creative in the kitchen, now might be the right time to start dabbling with cannabis flowers and see what masterpiece dishes you come up with.

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