6 Tips for Making Your Yard the Ideal Place to Host a Fall Party

6 Tips for Making Your Yard the Ideal Place to Host a Fall Party

It’s Fall, and the weather is nearly perfect. It’s not too hot or cold, making it the right time for an outdoor get-together. Follow these six tips to prepare your lawn for a fall party.

1- Decide on a Theme

Start with determining what you want the theme to be. Is it going to be elegant and formal or a simple get-together with friends? When deciding the theme, think about colors, activities, and the food you would like to serve. Also, think about the guest list, invitations, and what the dress code will be, if any.

Some ideas for a theme might be apple wine and autumn skies, scarecrows and haunted hayrides, pumpkin spice and everything nice, scary movie night, back to school, masquerade party, Thanksgiving vibes, pretty fall colors, football, and campfire in the woods.

2- Mow the Lawn

Once you’re ready to set up, mow the lawn. A mowed lawn looks better than overgrown grass and is much easier for people to stand on. Keep in mind that you don’t want anybody stepping into something unpleasant. Also, mowing the grass inevitably means raking up the leaves as well. You don’t want leaves getting into the food or for anyone to get bitten by anything hiding underneath a pile.

3- Clean the Yard

Clean everything in the yard. Wipe down the furniture. Clean the dirt off outside figurines and solar lights. If you’re going to be grilling food during the party, you might want to clean the grill beforehand. Scrub down the outside (turn the fuel off first) as well as the grill grates.

4- Put Up Outdoor Lights

String up fairy lights outside. Place lanterns on the tables and near the furniture. At this point, you will have cleaned up any outside solar lights. Make sure to put them in direct sunlight so that they light up on the night of the party. Then put together centerpieces with table lights and set them aside if you don’t already have the furniture where you want it for the party.

5- Set Up the Furniture

Now is the time to set up the furniture. Be sure to have plenty of seating for your guests to sit down. Also, keep cozy blankets nearby and a fire pit, if you have one, to keep everybody warm. You might also want to add hot cocoa or apple cider to the party grocery list.

6- Add Finishing Touches to the Decor

You’ve mowed the grass, cleaned the yard, put up the lights, and set up the furniture. Now is the time to add the finishing touches. Toss fall-themed or party-themed pillows and blankets on the chairs. Place fall flowers in vases on tables and next to the furniture. Dried wheat arrangements are especially nice. Strategically place pumpkins in different places, on the table, near the furniture, and around the yard. Then add an autumn wreath, garland, and any other fall decor you like.

When you’re hosting a fall party in your yard, you should take some time to make sure your yard is ready and your guests will be comfortable.

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