5 Expert Tips to Stretch Your Family’s Monthly Budget Further

With the cost of almost everything going up these days, our budgets are getting spread fairly thin. Rather than run out and take up a second job, there are some creative ways you can stretch your dollar a little further each month. Read on for some expert tips on how to make your monthly pay last a little longer.

1- Cut Gas Costs

Gas prices seem to have everybody a little down lately, and they don’t appear to be improving any time soon. Cutting fuel costs is a massive way to lower your monthly spending. Carpool if you are able, and make sure you plan your stops ahead of time for the most fuel-efficient route. Stop for groceries on your way home from work, run errands on a route with the least mileage, and maybe even opt for a walk rather than a drive for shorter trips. If you implement these tips, you could see a good-sized chunk of savings in your gas consumption.

2- Stop Eating Out

Life gets busy, and it is easy to stop at a nearby restaurant and dine or grab take-out to feed the family. But the cost of eating out adds up quickly compared to cooking at home. Making meals at home doesn’t mean sacrificing time, especially if you plan. Check out recipes for slow-cooker meals, get creative and plan quick cold meals, or take time out of one day a week and create prepped freezer meals that can be tossed in the oven on a busy weeknight.

3- Shop Wholesale

Checking out at the store can be a frightening experience when you see your total bill. Grocery and household supplies account for a large percentage of most families’ monthly budgets. To lower your bill, try shopping wholesale, where the retailer gets discounts are passed down to the consumer. There are several stores to choose from for grocery items. For health and beauty, which we know are essential items, check out sdaccs.com to save a few monthly dollars.

4- Buy Used

Thanks to the internet, from clothing to furniture and just about everything in between, we can now find a huge supply of used items for purchase. For seasonal items and sporting goods, check out online marketplaces for people nearby trying to unload last year’s goods. Look a little further from home for higher-priced items to save hundreds of dollars. Garage sales and thrift stores are also great places to look for gently used items to save money in your monthly budget.

5- Cut Streaming and Subscriptions Services

Streaming and subscription services are often overlooked as part of a family’s budget. These are typically billed monthly on an automatic schedule, and sometimes, the individual amounts are low enough that we don’t pay too much attention to them. Look at all the services you are subscribed to and decide to cut some of your least used or completely not needed subscriptions out. For example, if you subscribe to several streaming apps to watch shows and movies, try to pick out one or two you use the most and cancel the rest.

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