Best Vegan Dumplings: Delectable Plant-Based Recipes

Dumplings are popular around the world. They are delicious whether you make dough for cooking in stews or create a wrapping to fill, sear, steam, or bake. Each culture has its unique set of preparing and presenting dumplings, but all are delicious.

Chinese writings indicate that dumplings originated in parts of what are now western China. Nomadic tribes spread the idea, but the food evolved over a thousand years in China. Some communities changed the recipe from traditional meat-filled dumplings to vegetarian ones. Dumplings found by archeologists dating back more than 1,000 years contained wheat, but a shortage in some parts of the Eastern world necessitated using staples like rice, sweet potato, and tapioca to create the wrapping.

The Ottoman Empire is thought to have spread the idea of using dumplings in Europe, the Mongols to Eastern Europe, and the Arabs to Italy, where we see various types of stuffed pasta. Perhaps this is true, or perhaps different cultures had similar culinary ideas. Whatever the case, dumplings remain a delicious addition to many cuisines.

Let’s discover how to cook the best vegan dumplings at home.

Delicious Vegan Dumpling Recipes

Drop dumplings may or may not have a filling, but they are great for adding to comfort foods like stews and broth. When prepared, the dumplings get dropped into the pot, and their starch helps to thicken the food as they cook.

No serious article on the best vegan dumplings can omit a recipe for a delicious “chicken” stew with dumplings, an American staple.

Cook this dish in one pot meal by Nora Cooks in no time using vegan chicken, a can of chickpeas, or using the author’s recipe for vegan seitan chic’n. You substitute the dairy with vegan butter and milk to make a firm dough. Remember, dumpling dough expands considerably, so make your dumplings smaller.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Vegan Dumplings

Asian cuisine is famous for its dumplings, also known as wanton, gyoza, dim sum, bao, or mantu. Unfortunately, vegans are often disappointed when eating out since they struggle to find dumplings with plant-based fillings. However, you can give these dumplings exquisite fillings at home using your beloved vegan ingredients. Once cooked, remember to serve them with your favorite dipping sauce.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the best vegan dumplings:

  • Choose the ingredients for your vegan filling, including tofu, vegetables, oil, sou sauce, and spices in variations you prefer.
  • Dumpling wrappers are usually made with rice flour and are vegan. These are available in stores, making it easier to prepare your favorite dumplings. You can use round or square wraps; it doesn’t matter.
  • When cooking the filling, all the liquid must evaporate to ensure a delicious stuffing that won’t make the wrapping soggy.
  • Overstuffed dumplings won’t seal properly and may open during cooking.
  • You don’t need to be an expert at crimping the dumpling edges. You should have a good result if they are adequately sealed with water at the wrapper edge and pressed well to release air. Warning: don’t use too much water.
  • Sear and steam or steam the dumplings only.
  • Make a sauce to accompany the dumplings and serve.

Tasty Vegan Dumpling Filling Ideas

Whether you want to create a dumpling worthy of admiration or a warming rice cake and dumpling soup, you need some Asian inspiration. Cusines keep evolving thanks to the spread of populations and their adaption of local ingredients. Some variations are far from authentic, but you can try to create dishes that celebrate Asian culture and cuisine by reading more about the idea behind each dish.

In many homes, dumplings make a substantial meal from a handful of ingredients, just like you can make a pizza with a few leftovers. However, in Asian culture, each type of dumpling has a particular meaning, like the tradition of taking dim sum (touch the heart). These are usually served with tea early in the day, but travelers on the Silk Route in ancient times got a portion of three pieces, ensuring they enjoyed their tea with a good variety.

Try this easy vegan dumpling filling idea from Jessica in the Kitchen. She also provides a variation where you can substitute tofu with pulsed edamame. Of course, there’s no limit to the variations you can create to personalize and make the best vegan dumplings.

Explore the Best Vegan Dumpling Varieties

Christine Wong is the creator of @conscious_cooking on Instagram, often hosting dumpling workshops. As an authority in dumpling making, it’s evident that she knows the best vegan dumpling varieties and their history, as seen in this article written for Best of Vegan.

Earlier, we highlighted the importance of dim sum, but dumplings are also crucial in celebrations across Asia. Therefore, in Korea, they eat dumpling soup with ingot-shaped dumplings for the Lunar New Year, symbolizing good health, health, and fortune.

The Chinese celebrate the Spring Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the new year. They prepare Tāng Yuán, sweet glutinous rice balls symbolizing reunion and togetherness. The Japanese eat a Hanami Dango, the skewered round sweet Japanese rice flour dumpling enjoyed during cherry blossom viewing or Hanami.

Other dumpling varieties include:

  • Wontons – popular in Sichuan as street food or served in soup
  • Cantonese fried dumplings – with a sweet filling made with coconut, peanuts, sesame seeds, and sugar
  • Mochi dumplings – Japanese sweet made in a ball shape, often stuffed with red bean filling
  • Gyoza – Japanese dumplings made with a thinner wrapping and smaller than the Chinese version
  • Momo – Typically found in Thibet and Nepal, Momo is round and served with South Asian spice combinations and achar
  • Bao buns – Originating from Northern China, these dumplings have become popular worldwide for their fluffy texture made with a leavened dough containing yeast.

Elevate Your Cooking Skills with Vegan Dumplings

Once you master simple vegan dumpling recipes, you can get more creative by choosing complex ingredients to elevate your cooking skills.

For example, start by making a vegan soup using celery, carrots, onions, and tomatoes, to which you can then add your dumplings. Once you have mastered the dumplings, get more creative by adding beans, mushrooms, spinach, smoked paprika, and some canned coconut milk for a creamier version. You can substitute the vegan butter or oil in your dumplings with coconut milk.

These Eggplant Shu Mai Dumplings with Chili Sauce are easy to make but have an unforgettable flavor. The eggplant, garlic, and fresh ginger combine perfectly with the fresh cilantro and sauces. Moreover, these are best when prepared one day before cooking them. Prepare them and store them in airtight containers for 24 hours before steaming and serving.

Discover the Secrets to Perfect Vegan Dumplings

It’s important not to overwork the mixture when making dumplings to add to a stew. Therefore, use the correct ingredient quantities and mix until these are combined with gentle handling. If they require more flour, never add too much.

Another problem is overcooking. Don’t add the rolled dumplings into a vigorously boiling pot. Keep the pot at medium to low heat. Test them with a skewer and remove the pot from the heat once it comes out clean. Give these dumplings extra flavor by adding herbs, zest, etc.

Making dough for Asian dumplings is also not too hard, but it’s essential to know that it’s more time-consuming than buying ready dough. All it consists of is flour and water to create a soft dough. The secret is to knead the dough for at least ten minutes on a floured surface. Shaping the dough requires a rolling pin.

The trick is to leave the dough rounds slightly thicker in the center than the edges, making it easier to pinch together. You don’t need to aim for perfect circles, as imperfections won’t show when folding the dumplings.

Add your dumplings to boiling water with a dash of oil when boiling. You will know they are ready when they float. Otherwise, fry them in heated oil for about three minutes, add one cup of water, and cook until it evaporates.

Fillings for the best vegan dumplings are up to you, but if you need inspiration, check online for ideas.

Vegan Dumpling Variations for Every Taste Preference

Dumplings provide endless possibilities for creating vegan meals that everyone can enjoy. Get some inspiration from Green Queen for several Asian dumplings that will please every taste preference.

If you prefer American-style dumplings, like apple dumplings, Pittsborough Pieorgoes, or slippery dumplings, then peruse TasteAtlas for ideas on how to make them. You will also find recipes for making American-Chinese dumplings.

Unfortunately, these recipes are not vegan, but you can try making them by substituting them with plant-based ingredients. For example, vegan yogurt or corn flour is a good substitute for yogurt.

Easy Vegan Dumpling Recipes for Beginners

Most dumplings are not easy for beginners to tackle. Here’s an easy recipe for potstickers from Midwest Foodie that requires just 20 minutes of prep time and plenty of ingredient substitutes. The recipe calls for dumpling wrappers, but you can also use other wrappers for potstickers or wontons.

Remember that you should only open the packet for the wrappers when you are ready to start wrapping and work fast because they dry out quickly.

Making the best vegan dumplings might seem complicated, but they are pretty easy once you practice a few times. These ideas and recipes will help you achieve perfect results every time, so what are you waiting for?

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