Perfect Vegan Air Fryer Home Fries: Easy & Delicious Recipe

Discover the art of making the perfect air fryer home fries with this comprehensive guide. As a vegan, you’ll appreciate how easy and delicious it is to create a savory breakfast potato dish using an air fryer. In this guide, we’ll take you through creating scrumptious air fryer home fries – from picking out your spuds to tidying up afterward.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss selecting the best type of potatoes for your air fryer home fries and share tips on preparing them for cooking. Next, we’ll explore various flavoring options that elevate your dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

Finally, we will cover essential details such as optimal air fryer settings, cooking time and temperature recommendations, serving suggestions for a delightful presentation, and efficient ways to clean up after enjoying your scrumptious meal.

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Why We Love Air Fryer Home Fries

air fryer home fries

Quick and Easy Preparation:

Preparing home fries in the air fryer is easy, even for beginner cooks. All you need to do is cut potatoes into cubes or wedges, season them with your favorite spices (we love garlic powder and paprika.), add a tablespoon of oil, then pop them in the air fryer basket. Set the timer for 15 minutes at 400°F and you’ll have perfectly crispy home fries ready to enjoy. It’s so simple that anyone can make delicious vegan-friendly home fries in no time flat.

Deliciously Crispy Results:

Air frying gives these potatoes an unbeatable crunchy texture on the outside while maintaining their fluffy interior – something impossible to achieve with traditional oven baking methods. The high heat also helps caramelize any added seasonings like garlic powder or smoked paprika giving your home fries an extra layer of flavor that will have everyone asking for seconds. Plus, since there’s less oil used than when pan-frying or deep-frying, this recipe is healthier too – perfect for vegans looking to indulge without feeling guilty afterward.

Versatile Meal Options:

Home fries are also incredibly versatile – they can be served as a side dish alongside breakfast favorites like scrambled tofu or tempeh bacon; thrown into tacos with black beans; paired with salads; mixed into burrito bowls; or stuffed inside sandwiches…the possibilities are endless. And because they take just minutes to prepare using only one appliance (the air fryer), it makes meal prepping ahead of time super convenient too – cook up some extra batches during meal prep day, and you’ll have enough tasty leftovers all week long.

Choosing the Right Potatoes

air fryer home fries

When making air fryer home fries, choosing the right potatoes is critical. The best potatoes for this dish are russet potatoes. They have thick skin and a dense texture that will hold up well in an air fryer basket. Yukon golds can also be used, but they tend to cook faster than russets, so you’ll need to watch them while cooking.

For the ideal crispy fries, you’ll want to pick a potato variety with high starch content; russets are your best bet. Russet potatoes are best for air frying as they have a higher starch content than other varieties like Yukon Gold or sweet potatoes. Remember, those sweet potatoes require longer cooking due to their higher sugar content. Once you’ve chosen your spuds, give them a good rinse and peel them if desired.

You can also use frozen or leftover fries, but if you want the crispiest results, start with fresh potatoes. First, cut your potatoes into consistent shapes to ensure they cook uniformly and expeditiously. Then, thaw out those frozen fries before tossing them in the air fryer, or you’ll be left with a sad plate of soggy home fries.

Once all your ingredients are ready, follow the recipe card instructions for your model air fryer regarding temperature settings and cook times (usually 8-15 minutes). Ensure not to overcrowd the basket so everything gets adequately cooked; if needed, you can always do two batches instead of one big one. Finally, enjoy these delicious savory breakfast potatoes as a side dish or snack anytime – bon appétit.

When selecting potatoes for air frying, choosing varieties suitable for roasting or baking is essential. Now let’s move on to preparing the potatoes in an air fryer.

Key Takeaway: Choosing the right potatoes is essential for making air fryer home fries. For best results, use russet or Yukon golds, and don’t forget to season with olive oil and seasoning salt before cooking. Then, enjoy these savory breakfast spuds as a side dish or snack – they’ll hit the spot every time.

Preparing the Potatoes

air fryer home fries

When it comes to air frying potatoes, the key is in the preparation. 

Next up is cutting your potatoes into cubes or strips for French fries. Ensure all pieces are roughly the same size so they cook evenly when placed in the fryer basket later. Thaw your frozen fries before cooking for even crispiness throughout. Add diced onions and bell peppers to create a savory breakfast side dish with your home fries.

To prevent sticking while air frying, lightly coats your cubed or sliced potatoes with olive oil and seasoning salt before placing them in the fryer basket. This will boost your spuds flavor without relying on heavy sauces or condiments later. You may also want to consider adding chopped onions and bell peppers for extra flavor and texture – remember not to overfill your air fryer basket since this could affect how evenly everything cooks. Depending on what model of air fryer you own, there may be specific settings for cooking times; check out online resources such as recipe cards from manufacturers for more detailed instructions tailored to each machine’s capabilities. Be sure not to overcrowd the basket either – this will cause uneven cooking results and could lead to soggy fries instead of crispy ones.

Once cooked (time dependent on quantity), remove from heat and serve hot with a condiment. Enjoy these delicious homemade treats alongside a vegan meal – the perfect side dish guaranteed every time.

Once the potatoes are ready, they can be placed in the air fryer and seasoned with your favorite spices to add a unique flavor. Flavoring them with your favorite spices will add a layer of flavor and texture that makes these home fries special.

Key Takeaway: Select a starchy potato such as russet for perfectly crunchy home fries and cut it into cubes or strips. Lightly coat with oil and seasoning salt before air frying to prevent sticking; cook until golden brown, then serve hot for the perfect side dish.

Flavoring the Fries

air fryer home fries

Fries are a classic vegan side dish that can be made in many ways. There is no shortage of options for making delicious fries, from air fryers to ovens. But what about flavoring them? For the best-tasting fries, it is essential to understand how to add flavor correctly.

Once you’ve chosen your potato variety, it’s time to prepare them for cooking. If using frozen fries, place them into an air fryer basket and set the temperature according to package instructions before adding any seasoning or oil (if desired). Soak fresh-cut potatoes in hot water with some salt added before drying off and coating them with oil if desired; this helps remove excess starch, resulting in crispier fried foods. Ensure that all of your potato pieces are about the same size so they will cook at an even rate.

As mentioned, olive oil is the perfect choice to toss freshly cut fries with for an added depth of flavor before adding any seasonings. Toss freshly cut cubes or strips with olive oil before adding additional seasonings such as garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, or Italian herbs – whatever flavors you prefer. For extra crunchy french fries, use cornstarch instead of flour after tossing in olive oil; this helps create an even crispier exterior on each piece. Finally, sprinkle over some sea salt before serving for maximum flavor impact.

Finally, don’t forget to top off those tasty taters with something special. From diced onions and bell peppers sautéed until softened, then sprinkled over the top at serving time to shredded cheese melted onto the surface, plenty of creative possibilities will make your vegan meal shine brighter than ever. With these tips on flavoring homemade French Fries, you’ll soon become known among family and friends as “the Fry Master.”

After seasoning the fries, you can enjoy a delicious batch of air fryer home fries. Now that your potatoes are prepped and seasoned let’s move on to how to adjust the settings for optimal results in your air fryer.

Key Takeaway: Tossing freshly cut potato cubes or strips in olive oil and seasoning with garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, or Italian herbs creates the perfect air-fried home fries. For an extra crunchy exterior, sprinkle on some cornstarch before adding sea salt just before serving for maximum flavor impact – you’ll be known as “the Fry Master” among family and friends.

Air Fryer Settings

air fryer home fries

Air fryers can whip up tasty home fries with little effort. However, when using an air fryer, it’s essential to adjust the settings correctly to get perfectly cooked potatoes every time.

When cooking frozen or leftover fries, use the “fries” setting on your air fryer model if available. This will give you crispy fries that taste just like they came from a restaurant. Preheat the air fryer to 375°F for 3-5 minutes, then cook until golden brown and crispy (10-15 minutes).

Use your model’s “roast” setting for diced or sweet potato cubes. Before adding your ingredients, preheat the air fryer to 400°F for 5 minutes, then cook them until tender and golden brown around the edges. For cubed Yukon Gold potatoes, bell peppers, or onions, preheat your air fryer to 350°F for 3-4 minutes before adding all your ingredients into one basket. Cook them for 12-15 minutes until lightly browned and fork tender.

Setting your air fryer temperature between 350°F – 375°F depending on the desired crispness; no preheating is required for savory breakfast potatoes such as hashbrowns or shredded potatoes with chopped onions. Cooking time can range from 8-12 minutes per batch and should be stirred occasionally to ensure even cooking times throughout each batch. Lastly, don’t forget to season salt after removing hot water during the prep stage, which adds flavor and helps keep everything together better while frying. 

For best results, always refer to the recipe card with instructions for each type of dish being made. Different models may require slight adjustments in terms of timing and temperature, so double-check before beginning any new recipes as well. With proper preparation and careful attention towards adjusting settings correctly based on what type of dish is being cooked up, having perfect side dishes ready whenever needed won’t be an issue anymore. Bon Appetit.

Air fryers can be an excellent option for vegans making home fries with minimal oil. With the correct settings and temperature, you can create delicious, vegan-friendly, air-fried meals in no time. Next is learning how long to cook your home fries and the best temperature for optimal results.

Key Takeaway: Using an air fryer to make home fries is easy and convenient. With the right settings for each type of dish, crispy fried potatoes can be cooked quickly with minimal effort – remember to season before frying.

Cooking Time and Temperature

air fryer home fries

Preparing home fries in an air fryer is a fantastic way to create a tasty side dish with less oil and grease than deep-frying. The key to making perfect home fries is understanding the correct cooking time and temperature for your air fryer model.

For frozen french fries, most models require about 15 minutes at 375°F or 190°C. They will cook faster if you use leftover fries, so check after 10 minutes. Cut-up spuds, diced taters, and cubes of potato or sweet potatoes are also suitable to cook in the air fryer – provided they’re small enough for the basket.

If you’re starting with fresh potatoes such as russet or Yukon Golds, it’s best to par-boil them first before adding them to the basket with some olive oil and seasoning salt. Par-boiling helps ensure your breakfast potatoes cook evenly throughout and get crisp outside without burning. To do this, add 1 cup of hot water for every 2 cups of chopped onions and diced potato cubes, then let sit for 5 minutes before draining off any excess liquid from them before adding them to the air fryer basket with oil and seasonings of choice.

For the most successful home fries, abide by the general rule of thumb: for smaller pieces, less time is required; conversely, larger ones take longer. However, to ensure optimum results and avoid any unnecessary mishaps or snafus during cooking, refer back to your recipe card as it may contain specific instructions regarding each type of potato used since different types may necessitate a varied cook time depending on their size or thickness. Furthermore, do not forget to flip them halfway through to guarantee even cooking on both sides.

Once everything looks golden brown, you know it is ready – no more than 20 minutes should be done unless otherwise specified by your recipe card – then serve these savory breakfast potatoes as an easy side dish or appetizer.

Preparing the home fries in an air fryer is a speedy and effective method to get them crunchy without utilizing excessive oil. Pay close heed to the timing and heat recommended in this section of the guide for perfectly cooked fries. Now let’s move on to serving suggestions for these delicious vegan air fryer home fries.

Key Takeaway: You can quickly and easily whip up a delicious side of home fries using an air fryer. Par-boil potatoes for even cooking, then add them to the basket with oil and seasonings before setting your desired temperature – flip halfway through for best results. With careful attention to timing, you’ll have perfectly cooked breakfast potatoes in no time.

Serving Suggestions

air fryer home fries

Whether you’re looking for a side dish to accompany your breakfast or a hearty snack to munch on between meals, air fryer potatoes can be cooked in no time.

Once cooked, take the dish off the heat and garnish with ketchup or sour cream as desired before serving. If you want something more savory than ketchup as a topping, try diced onions mixed with bell peppers sautéed in butter until golden brown – a perfect accompaniment to these delicious crispy treats. Alternatively, add some chopped fresh herbs like parsley or rosemary for extra flavor before serving up alongside scrambled eggs or toast for a hearty breakfast meal that everyone will enjoy.

 For snacks, serve them with vegan ranch dressing or cashew cheese sauce for dipping. There’s no limit to the delicious recipes you can create using air fryer potatoes – what will you try next? 

Using your Air Fryer to make Home Fries is a great way to add flavor to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Cleaning Up after cooking is the next step and should not be delayed.

Key Takeaway: Air fryer home fries are a delicious and versatile snack or side dish that can be cooked quickly with the right potatoes. Wash, cut into cubes or wedges, season to taste, air-fry for 10-15 minutes at 375°F190°C, and serve hot with your favorite condiments – guaranteed to have everyone licking their fingers.

Storage Tips

Fridge and Freezer Storage:

 Air-fried french fries can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. When storing them in the freezer, use a freezer-safe bag or wrap them securely in aluminum foil and place them in a sealed container. To reheat, preheat oven to 350°F and bake for 10-15 minutes until crispy.

Countertop Storage

If you save your fries for later that same day, storing them on a plate covered with aluminum foil or wax paper at room temperature is best. Just make sure they don’t sit out too long! Reheat the same way as if they were stored in the fridge or freezer. 

Tupperware Storage: 

Store your fries in an airtight Tupperware container if you don’t want them to get soggy. Place a paper towel on the bottom of the container before adding your french fries to help absorb any excess moisture. Reheat in the oven or microwave until crispy! 

Microwave Storage

Air-fried french fries can be reheated in the microwave. Place them on a plate and cover them with a damp paper towel, then heat for 1 minute before flipping and heating for another minute or two until hot. Be sure not to overcook them, or they will become soft and chewy!

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up after making air fryer home fries doesn’t have to be a chore. The key is to take the time to do it properly, so you can return to enjoying your meal in no time.

Start by removing the air fryer basket from the unit and emptying any remaining potatoes onto a plate or bowl. After all, food is removed, wipe down both sides of the basket with hot water and dish soap, then rinse off to remove any remaining bits. Use a soft sponge or brush for extra scrubbing power if there are any stuck-on bits of potato or seasoning salt.

Wipe away any surplus oil from within the air fryer using paper towels or a worn cloth rag, taking care not to leave behind any greasy remnants that could potentially cause smoke when reheating leftovers. Likewise, ensure not to leave any greasy residue, which could cause smoke when reheating leftovers later. Finally, give everything one last rinse with warm water before drying off completely and returning all components to their rightful places within your kitchen countertop setup.

Key Takeaway: Clean up after air fryer home fries is a breeze; wipe down the basket, remove any oil residue, and give everything a final rinse before drying off. Frozen french fries or diced potatoes seasoned with olive oil and seasoning salt are always an easy win in the kitchen.


air fryer home fries

What ingredients do I need to make air fryer home fries?

You will need potatoes, oil or vegan butter, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, and pepper to make air fryer home fries. Begin by cutting the potatoes into cubes of equal size. Mix the spuds with oil or vegan butter until fully coated. Add garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika, and season generously with salt and pepper. Place the potato cubes in an air fryer basket at 375°F for 15 minutes before shaking the basket halfway through cooking time to ensure even crispiness on all sides. Enjoy your delicious homemade home fries.

How long does it take to cook air fryer home fries?

Air fryer home fries can be cooked in as little as 15 minutes. To prepare, start by washing and cutting potatoes into cubes or wedges. Next, toss the potato pieces with the oil and seasonings of your choice. Place them in the air fryer basket, and spread them out evenly for even cooking. Set the heat to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit and fry for 12-15 minutes until they’re golden brown on the exterior with a soft center. Enjoy.

Is there a way to make air fryer home fries without oil?

Yes, it is possible to make air fryer home fries without oil. Cut the potatoes into cubes, arrange them in a single layer in the air fryer basket, and set the temperature to 375°F before cooking for 15 minutes, flipping halfway. Next, set the temperature to 375°F and cook for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through. For added flavor, season with salt or your favorite spices before cooking. Enjoy.

Are air fryer home fries healthier than regular fried potatoes?

It is difficult to definitively answer whether air fryer home fries are healthier than regular fried potatoes. While air frying does require less oil, it still requires some fat and can produce food that is higher in calories than boiled or baked potatoes. In addition, research suggests deep-frying may be more detrimental to health due to acrylamide and other compounds forming during high-heat cooking. Ultimately, what constitutes a healthy diet depends on individual preferences and goals; however, boiling or baking potatoes may provide better nutritional benefits than air-fried or deep-fried versions.

What temperature should I set my air fryer for cooking home fries?

The optimal temperature for air frying home fries is 375°F (190°C). Cooking time for home fries may range from 15-20 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of your potatoes. To ensure that your home fries are cooked and crispy on the outside, check their doneness after 12 minutes by inserting a fork into one of the pieces. Once the desired texture is determined, extend cooking time to 2-3 minute intervals.


Air fryer home fries are a delicious vegan-friendly snack or side dish. You can quickly make crispy and tasty fries with the right potatoes, flavorful seasonings, and proper air fryer settings. Be vigilant while cooking to ensure your fries are not overly charred. And when you’re done eating, be sure to clean up thoroughly – it’s easy with an air fryer since there isn’t much oil involved. So enjoy these yummy air-fried treats today.

Discover the secrets of air-frying vegan home fries with our comprehensive guide. Start your journey to healthier, plant-based living today!

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