7 Ideas to Help Elevate Your Next Dinner Party With Friends

7 Ideas to Help Elevate Your Next Dinner Party With Friends

Some people aren’t built for hosting a party. Are your Friday nights looking a little boring because you find yourself doing the same thing with your friends every time? You can elevate your dinner party with ease, even if you’re not a hostess.

Some of these ideas will inspire you to change your dinner party and take it more seriously. Your friends will leave your home feeling more special. It’ll create an intimate and enjoyable experience. You might also find yourself enjoying the process. Here are some simple ways to level up your next dinner party.

1. Cook for Your Friends

Are you someone who orders takeout every time your friends come over? It’s time to change that. Instead, cook for your friends. Impress them by making dinner from scratch. To make it less stressful, stick to one cuisine to ensure that dinner will go smoothly. For example, you could have French food one night and serve Italian the next time.

2. Set the Table

You want to get formal when it comes to your dinner party. Get rid of the paper plates and plastic forks. Use some of your finest China and water glasses. You might also want to have candles, fresh flowers, fabric napkins, and wine glasses. Get creative and use antique dishware or trendy styles like mason jars.

3. Pair Cigars With Drinks

Pairing cigars with drinks can take your dinner party to the next level. This way, you can educate your friends about cigars, including the different flavors, shapes, sizes, and colors. You might even want to invite a cigar expert who will show you which cigars go perfectly with which cocktails.

4. Add a Touch of Luxury

Dinner with friends shouldn’t feel like another Friday night. It should be special since you love your friends. Treat them to a little extra luxury by popping a bottle of champagne or having caviar as the appetizer. Everyone enjoys luxury and your guests are more likely to come back if they keep getting spoiled.

5. Create a Playlist

Set the scene with some mood music. Dinner parties can get dull if the conversation is lacking and there’s nothing else to do. Create a playlist with some of your favorite music. You can also include your guests by asking them for their input.

6. Elevate With Entertainment

Liven up a dull party with a little entertainment. Start things off with a board game or card game of your choice. Ask your friends to show up with their favorite game. Coming up with a party theme, finding a reason to celebrate, or having a cocktail menu are other great ways to make your party more fun.

7. Have Fun

Most importantly, you should relax and have fun. It’s not worth getting stressed out about. Sometimes, a cocktail can go a long way — especially if dinner is burned. Keep the conversation going at the table if dessert is taking longer than expected. Remember to enjoy the time that you have with your friends.

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