6 Tips for Choosing Alcoholic Drinks to Compliment Cigars

If you’re in the mood to order a round of drinks, it’s easy to assume that ordering cocktails will be the best route. But many cigar lovers have found that they can enjoy their drinks more by choosing a bottle of liquor with a taste that matches their companion cigars. It’s essential when you order alcohol with your cigars because the taste is good, but there are other benefits.

1. Choose a Lighter Tasting Drink

The first tip we want to share is choosing light and moderate drinks. You want to keep these drinks from weighing you down while you enjoy your cigar. If you choose a more heavy-tasting drink, make sure it’s not too sweet because it can also weigh down the taste of your cigars. Choose something light but still has the right amount of flavor added.

2. Choose Fruity Drinks

Fruity beverages are one of the best ways to enjoy your smoke because they don’t overwhelm the taste. If you choose orange juice or cranberry juice, the flavor will complement your cigars instead of taking away from it. If you want something stronger, try out some pomegranate or mango juice.

3. Choose Dark Beverages

Try dark beverages such as scotch or whiskey to avoid ordering fruit juice drinks. Like all other alcoholic drinks, these will compliment the foot or nose of your cigar instead of taking it away from it. Try something like a Bourbon, or Bourbon is usually thought of as the best match for cigars, and if that’s not your thing, then you can always order a Scotch whisky. You can also try out a Scotch blend if you want something stronger.

4. Choose a Refreshing Drink

Like all other alcoholic drinks, you don’t have to drink your alcoholic beverages fast. But you must remember to order only small drinks or keep drinking and finishing your drink before you’ve even ordered one. Take your time with this and enjoy the flavors of each drink before moving on to the next one.

5. Choose Drinks that Don’t Have a Strong Taste

Not all drinks are created equally, so you can choose an Irish whiskey over a wine or liqueur drink if you want something stronger. It would help if you also considered trying out a lighter-tasting alcoholic drink such as wine or port because, as you know from the previous tip, choosing something that isn’t too heavy is important.

6. Choose Something that Has a Match

It is the most important tip because you want something sweet and has a match, but you also want to ensure it’s manageable. If your drink tastes too heavy or overbearing in any way, it will feel like the rest of your evening drinks are following suit, and it can be hard to stay in the mood. 

There are many different types of alcoholic drinks you can choose from to complement your cigar, so make sure that you take your time and select the drink that is going to taste the best with your cigar.

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