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What’s a vegan baker to do?


As I’m gearing up for my final exam in accounting later today, I’ll share a business problem with you, recently examined in The Wall Street Journal. With two wins on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, TV appearances by Sara Beth Russert, of Seattle’s Mighty O’ Donuts, the growth of NYC’s Babycakes to Los Angeles and Orlando’s Walt Disney World, (and of course, the many amazing vegan blogs and books out there) - you could say that vegan baking is making a pretty delicious name for itself. Still, however,

Some vegan bakeries don’t flaunt their identity for fear of scaring off...

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A Vegan Dinner Party for Autumn


“Warm, welcoming and meatless” is how The New York Times headlined this lovely piece and dinner party menu in its Dining and Wine section. After marrying her vegan husband, writer and occasional-vegetarian Melissa Clark has been using less cream and cheese in her meal. In her own words,

Surprisingly, the longer I have done without the cheese and cream, the less I’ve missed them — and the more creative and interesting those meals have become.

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A Vegan in Paris


The author of this piece makes it clear that she’s not going to give up meat anytime soon. But, she also says,

I find myself eating more and more vegetarian.

I love people like this. They’re open-minded, they appreciate what a vegetarian or vegan diet does for the body, they’re honest, and they know good food when they taste it - which is why they have no problem saying things like:

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Hannah Kaminsky’s Ten Things

Ten Things That Make Me Happy


I always get recommendations from friends. (Ok, fine - and Yelp.) I also love discovering new things from some of my favorite bloggers, cookbook authors, and business owners. So, I’m excited and proud to share a new weekly series: 10 Things That Make Me Happy, which will bring us into the lives of some of our favorite personalities.

Who: Hannah Kaminsky

Where: Fairfield, Connecticut

What: Baker, writer, photographer, and creator of the award-winning blog Bittersweet, Hannah is also the author of two cookbooks, including the most recently released, Vegan Desserts:...

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Creative Takes on Hummus, Vegan Sloppy Joes, and Hope for a Non-Veg Boyfriend

This Week on Food Sense

I didn’t cook much last weekend. It was just one of those weekends - I was out with family, caught up in chores, spending a chunk of time studying, and then packing for a retreat in the Catskills. Before I knew it, it was midnight on Sunday, and I was setting my alarm for 5 AM.

So, going into Friday and another weekend, I am looking forward to a slightly slower pace - one that will allow me to get out to the farmer’s market and the grocery store, and get the ingredients I need to try out some of our freshest additions to Tastemakers.

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