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Hannah Kaminsky’s Ten Things

Ten Things That Make Me Happy


I always get recommendations from friends. (Ok, fine - and Yelp.) I also love discovering new things from some of my favorite bloggers, cookbook authors, and business owners. So, I’m excited and proud to share a new weekly series: 10 Things That Make Me Happy, which will bring us into the lives of some of our favorite personalities.

Who: Hannah Kaminsky

Where: Fairfield, Connecticut

What: Baker, writer, photographer, and creator of the award-winning blog Bittersweet, Hannah is also the author of two cookbooks, including the most recently released, Vegan Desserts:...

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A Definitive Guide to Vegan Cheese


Giving up cheese was probably the hardest part of going vegan for me. In fact, as I’ve talked with others for our Monologues series, that is a common theme.

And, if you think about it, it makes sense. Because, (set aside where cheese comes from and focus on the food itself for a moment), cheese is smooth, gooey, and salty. It’s a key ingredient in a lot of comfort foods, foods that we positively associate with our childhood (grilled cheese), get-togethers with friends (pizza), and rainy Sunday afternoons (mac and cheese).

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Should you buy a juicer?

On Tuesday, I introduced you to one of my BFFs in the kitchen, my Vitamix. And, while I love it for everything that it can do, I’m not a fan of juicing in the Vitamix - which has led me to wonder if it’s time to buy a juicer. (In this summer heat, especially, I’m craving it.)

Just in time - the kitchn posted a thorough overview of what to consider when trying to make this exact decision. Check it out here.

Do you own a juicer? What would you recommend buying?

The Blender You Want to Buy

I admit it. I did spend the better part of the cooking class portion of my bridal shower gushing about my BFF. And, no, the BFF I went on and on about wasn’t my husband…


It was my Vitamix.

Over the last few weeks, many of my favorite blogs have been posting no-cook recipes for these hot summer days. And, I can’t think of a better way to “not cook” than to simply throw a bunch of ingredients into my Vitamix and create dishes like the gazpachos I’ll post later today.

For vegans and vegetarians, who often need to do more cooking at home, this machine is a time-saver,...

Grocery Shopping? Go to the Farmer’s Market First


I love the farmer’s market experience. In fact, when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Kauai, we went to the local farmer’s market. (We weren’t cooking on our honeymoon, but when I saw the ad, I had to check it out.)

I just love being outdoors, in the fresh air, picking through recently-delivered heaps and barrels of local produce, and feeling the raw potential of how those ingredients can be combined, seasoned, presented.

I also love the fact that buying from the market cuts my grocery bill by about 30% every week.

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