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What’s wrong with vegan meat?

David Sirota dreads the day his 8-month-old son will grow up to ask him about meat - he is not sure that he is going to be able to explain what’s wrong with it, not when,

the vegetarian aisle subliminally glorifies meat-eating.

While many of these meat substitutes ease the transition to a plant-based diet, and are even enjoyed by some long-time vegans for their heartiness and taste, Sirota worries that,

It teaches them that as tasty as vegetarian food may be, it can never compete with the “real thing.”

I do occasionally eat fake meats - crumbled sausage on my pizza, or deli slices on a sandwich. I avoid it mostly - not because I think it glorifies meat, but because fake meats are processed, less nutritious foods, compared with dishes I make from pure, whole ingredients. Plus, I agree that plant-based food should be celebrated and enjoyed for being delicious all on its own, without an artificial meat as a centerpiece.

But, do fake meats glorify meat-eating and undermine the core message of a plant-based diet? I’m not sure.

Read Sirota’s full piece here, and tell us what you think.

Do you eat fake meats? Do you think they celebrate and support meat-eating? Or is that a misinterpretation of their influence?


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