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What’s it like to go on a juice cleanse?

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I am, of course, a big believer in plant-based eating, but here’s what comes to my mind when I hear the word, “cleanse.”

So, I was intrigued when I heard that three members of the Serious Eats editorial team, “just curious about the experience,” were going on a juice cleanse this week. They were wondering many of the same things that we all wonder about juice cleanses.

Just juice—for three days—could we do it? How would it feel? What do these juices taste like, anyway? Are they super vegetal? Bright and refreshing? Is it enough food, or do you feel spacey, shaky, and hungry if you only drink juice (and cashew milk) all day?

I’m really enjoying this series because it gives us three daily diaries, with personal takes and common themes on the cleansing experience, (from people whose living depends on eating and drinking - and writing about it, of course). It’s like getting to survey three of your friends on all of the details of their cleansing experience - even though you may or may not have any friends who would actually subject themselves to a juice cleanse.

Read about Carey, Maggie and Erin’s thoughts and biggest worries going into their 3-day cleanse here.

Find out what their biggest surprises were on Day 1 here.

What changed on Day 2? Was it easier? Were they hungrier? And, how did Erin survive a picnic in the park? Find out here.

Some quotes from Day 3:

I was already uptown and far from either home or office when a dizzy spell hit me; I grabbed onto a railing and thought Eat something. NOW.

Though I’d love to say that this experience presses the reset button on my eating and drinking habits, that may not be completely true. It does encourage me to bring more vegetables and fruits to work, and maybe to stay off the caffeine a little…

The idea of going raw or vegan never felt all that possible before but it actually does now.

Read the full Day 3 post here.

UPDATE: Read the Serious Eats editors’ post-cleanse reflections, in a final wrap-up post, here.

Would you do a juice cleanse? If you’ve done one, what was it like?


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