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If I could curate a cookbook for you, this would be it.

We’re making boards with recipes that are meant to inspire today (I decided to make a vegan version of the tea sandwiches for lunch today), or to be saved for another day (I’m thinking of the strawberry lemon muffins for brunch on Sunday, for our out-of-town guests).

Photo by Julie

I love sharing with you through our Twitter feed and our Facebook community, but I do hope you’ll join us on Pinterest. It’s a very personal space, one in which to share dishes and experiences, just as they are. And, thanks to the brilliant photography of the incredibly talented food blogging community, it’s just beautiful.

When you get to our page, click on the red button that says “Follow All” - this way you’ll be able to see the new items that we add in your own Pinterest feed. Check out the Food Sense Pinterest page.


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