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Video: How to Make Pesto

imagePhoto: John Schilling

A couple weeks ago, I shared a post from the kitchn with 10 lunch ideas, many of which were similar dishes, made distinct by a flavorful sauce or spread - perhaps, a pesto.

Pesto is a key ingredient when it comes to creating variety in quickly-prepared meals. With a batch of pesto in the fridge, you can flavor a sandwich, a pasta, a wrap - and suddenly, one key ingredient has helped you create three separate dishes.

Amanda and Merrill over at food52 put together a great little video with two ways to make pesto. Usually people say to prep for the week on Sunday. A & M’s two methods for preparing pesto are so easy, you can make it any night of the week - whenever you happen to see a fresh bundle of herbs at the farmers market on your walk home from work.

Pesto: Two Ways from Food52 on Vimeo.

They’ve made pesto from garlic, salt, olive oil, basil, & peppermint (I know, I haven’t tried that before, either!) - what ingredients do you use to flavor your pesto?


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