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Touring a Chef’s Kitchen, Meeting a “Freegan”, and Cooking in a Dorm Room

This Week on Food Sense

Tomorrow evening, I’m hosting my first dinner party as a grad student.

I hope to make this a regular event, but to do so…I’ve got to make tomorrow’s food good. So, after this post, I’m logging in to A-List member Spork Online to find the right menu for my party. I know the recipes will be do-able and, even though I’ll be making some things for the first time, delicious. Let’s hope my guests, a mix of vegans and non-, think so, too!

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And don’t miss eight amazing additions to our Tastemakers gallery:

rustic harvest bread with merlot grapes, by The Yellow House,
lentils, by Tasty Plan,
artichoke dip, by The Vintage Mixer,
sparkling fruit slushie, by For The Love Of Food,
vegan banana splits, by Recipe Renovator,
raw kale salad with sprouted quinoa and roasted pumpkin seeds, by For The Love Of Food,
zucchini hazelnut cupcakes, by Tasty Plan.

Have a lovely weekend!

Images, clockwise from top left: For The Love Of Food, The Vintage Mixer, flickr member, keepon, Tasty Plan, Bethany Nauert, For The Love Of Food, Tasty Plan, flickr member, Nikki L.


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