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Tomato Onion Herb Bread


A friend invited me for dinner a week ago, and started us off with a lovely onion marmalade on crackers. It was tangy, sweet, smooth and tart, on top of crispy and salty. Wonderful on the tongue. I was reminded of that dish when I saw Ruth‘s Tomato Onion Herb bread, which might just be the best way to bring all of those flavors together in a bread that’s great as a starter, a side for salad, or a snack.

Here’s more from Ruth:

Tomatoes, onions, and herbs have always come together in a happy marriage. In this recipe they provide the building-blocks for a savory, versatile loaf topped with some smoked sea salt to provide additional depth of flavour. Any breadbasket would welcome a few pieces of this bread for the dinner table. It’s also great as a mid-afternoon snack, in the kids’ lunch bag, or some have even been known to eat it for breakfast.

Click here for the recipe.

What’s your favorite herb for bread?


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