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To Eating Better in 2012


On New Year’s Day, as I had breakfast with my family, we went around the table and talked about what we want to accomplish in 2012, what we want to do better. Knock on wood, we are all in good health, but still, almost everyone had a goal related to their health - cook at home more frequently, train for a half-marathon, eat smaller portions, brush every night before bed, lose 10 pounds.

It might be because my mom has always been a home cook, and the voice that tells us to take care of ourselves. No matter what we are working on or seeking to accomplish in our academic and professional lives, she insists that we get enough sleep, exercise, and eat well. But, I think that beyond her influence, we have each come to internalize and appreciate everything we are able to do when we feel nourished.

In a similar spirit, mainstream America is coming to understand what a vegan diet (or even a semi-vegan diet) can do for our livelihoods. As we said goodbye to 2011 and hello to a new year, US News published The Mainstreaming of Vegan Diets and Mark Bittman shared his thoughts on a semi-vegan diet (and a few recipes!). The US News piece shares nutritionists’ takes on how to be a healthy vegan and plant-based nutritional sources for things like B12, Iron, and Omega-3s. Bittman’s recipes are, as usual, incredibly simple, visually-appetizing, and highlight the flavors of good ingredients.

I hope that both are helpful to you as you’re thinking about “better” this new year.


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