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Who: Kristin Lajeunesse

Where: Driving & eating across the country

What: By October 28, 2012, Kristin will have eaten at every 100% vegan restaurant in every major city in the country. Pretty amazing, right? Having out-raised her Kickstarter funding goal, Kristin has hit the road for the year, and is blogging about her adventures at Will Travel For Vegan Food. I’m sure that Kristin will develop many new favorites on her cross-country journey over the next year, but she’s with us today to share her current favorites:

Kale: I use this tasty green in almost every dish: from freshly pressed juice, to smoothies, to sautéed veggie dishes, to raw salads. It so healthy, so delicious, and so versatile – truly an all-in-one kind of plant!

Peace O’ Pie: This incredible gourmet vegan pizza restaurant, just outside of Boston, is home to two of my favorite things: the ultimate vegan sticky bun and pizza, of course. I’ve never had vegan pizza that is as ooey-gooey, amazingly delicious as I’ve had here. Simply phenomenal.

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World: I went through a vegan cupcake baking craze for a few months last year and this was my “it” book. I made so many… I was bringing them into work, baking for friends, bringing them home to visit. It was non-stop. And they were seriously so, so good.

Hana Food: My favorite hidden treasure. From the outside this little Brooklyn deli/mini mart looks like your average, run of the mill store. But when you go inside it’s delightfully full with healthy foods, fresh fruits and veggies, and some of the most amazing vegan deli-style sandwiches you’ll ever have.

Oh She Glows: This food blog is filled to the brim with stunning - seriously, STUNNING - food pics, and encouraging words of wisdom. Angela’s honest posts and her, what I consider to be award-winning-level photography, is all just so perfectly balanced. It’s the ultimate in both visual and spiritual uplifting content.

Earthlings: This multi-award winning film by Nation Earth is a must-see for anyone who cares about animals or wishes to make the world a better place.

Millenium Restaurant: This was one of the very first vegetarian restaurants I’d ever been to. I can’t say enough about the quality of food and service. I haven’t been in a couple of years, but I always fantasize about having an uber-romantic date at this place. One day.

New York City: I plan my trips to NYC around eating at vegan restaurants. This city’s got everything from casual not-so-healthy vegan goodies, to vegan bakeries, raw food joints, and pretty much everything in between.

The Vegan Zombie: I stumbled on The Vegan Zombie some time ago and couldn’t look away. This team makes YouTube videos that show how to make delicious vegan food, while also sharpening viewers’ zombie-fighting skills. Brilliant. Stay sharp, you might just catch an upcoming episode of The Vegan Zombie with yours truly!

Liz Lovely cookies: I actually first fell in love with Liz Lovely’s website. Being a marketing person, I always notice brand messaging, and Liz Lovely has got it down. I love their devotion and clarity, and as it turns out, I love their cookies too! Snickerdoodle is my favorite flavor!

Follow Kristin’s travels around the country on her blog, WTF Vegan Food!

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