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What’s wrong with vegan meat?

David Sirota dreads the day his 8-month-old son will grow up to ask him about meat - he is not sure that he is going to be able to explain what’s wrong with it, not when,

the vegetarian aisle subliminally glorifies meat-eating.

While many of these meat substitutes ease the transition to a plant-based diet, and are even enjoyed by some long-time vegans for their heartiness and taste, Sirota worries that,

It teaches them that as tasty as vegetarian food may be, it can never compete with the “real thing.”

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Former President Clinton is Vegan*


His diet has come a long way from what it was when he was president.

As described in a CNN article:

By the time he reached the White House, Bill Clinton’s appetite was legend. He loved hamburgers, steaks, chicken enchiladas, barbecue and french fries but wasn’t too picky. At one campaign stop in New Hampshire, he reportedly bought a dozen doughnuts and was working his way through the box until an aide stopped him.

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Making Whipped Cream, Considering a Juice Cleanse, Buying Vegan Cheese

This Week on Food Sense


Earlier this week, I picked up a potted basil plant at Trader Joe’s for a moment. Could I grow it in my apartment on the 8th floor of a high rise building in downtown Philadelphia? Deep down, I think I wanted to recreate the experience of my mom’s garden in Florida. I love cooking at my parents’ house. As I’m mixing up a bruschetta topping, or making panini sandwiches for lunch, I can walk outside and pick fresh basil to toss into my dish. There is something so fulfilling about picking and using things from your own garden - something I just can’t get from pulling...

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What’s it like to go on a juice cleanse?


I am, of course, a big believer in plant-based eating, but here’s what comes to my mind when I hear the word, “cleanse.”

So, I was intrigued when I heard that three members of the Serious Eats editorial team, “just curious about the experience,” were going on a juice cleanse this week. They were wondering many of the same things that we all wonder about juice cleanses.

Just juice—for three days—could we do it? How would it feel? What do these juices taste like, anyway? Are they super vegetal? Bright and refreshing? Is it enough food, or do you feel spacey, shaky,...

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Should vegans only date their own kind?


I’m not married to a vegan.

In fact, if you ask my husband if he’s vegan, or even vegetarian, he’ll (sometimes more quickly than I would like) say no. So, our specific dietary preferences weren’t a primary or deciding factor when we decided to date, get engaged, or get married.

However, while we don’t share the same dietary label, we can and do share good food (which, most often, just so happens to be vegan, since I’m the cook in the house).

And, therein lies the rationale to attend a speed-dating event just for vegetarians and vegans.

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Grocery Shopping? Go to the Farmer’s Market First


I love the farmer’s market experience. In fact, when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Kauai, we went to the local farmer’s market. (We weren’t cooking on our honeymoon, but when I saw the ad, I had to check it out.)

I just love being outdoors, in the fresh air, picking through recently-delivered heaps and barrels of local produce, and feeling the raw potential of how those ingredients can be combined, seasoned, presented.

I also love the fact that buying from the market cuts my grocery bill by about 30% every week.

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You Might As Well Market Weight-Loss Cookies

According to this recent NY Times article, exclusive nightclub owners in New York City have partnered up with a high-end beauty vendor to create a line of cocktails that will erase your fine lines, even out your skin tone, and restore elasticity and glow to your skin.


Things that used to make you look like crap – lots of alcohol, late-night partying, and little sleep - can now actually help you look younger, healthier, glowing!

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