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Should vegans only date their own kind?


I’m not married to a vegan.

In fact, if you ask my husband if he’s vegan, or even vegetarian, he’ll (sometimes more quickly than I would like) say no. So, our specific dietary preferences weren’t a primary or deciding factor when we decided to date, get engaged, or get married.

However, while we don’t share the same dietary label, we can and do share good food (which, most often, just so happens to be vegan, since I’m the cook in the house).

And, therein lies the rationale to attend a speed-dating event just for vegetarians and vegans.

People may wonder – it’s hard enough to find someone – do you really want to restrict your pool to an even smaller group of specific-types-of-eaters? But, for most, I would guess that it’s not necessarily about finding someone who absolutely defines themselves in a certain way – but rather, it’s about finding someone with whom one can share good food.

Writer Sarah Henry recently attended a Veg Speed Dating event organized by Karine Brighten in Berkeley, California. Part-review, and part-personal essay, Henry’s article on the experience humorously imparts some dating lessons:

When meeting a fella who announces he works for the Oakland As, it’s probably not a dating-savvy move to blurt out, “Seriously? My son would love that.” And telling a yoga instructor that you stopped practicing after herniating a disc in class can make a conversation falter.

and prompts us to think about what we really want in a mate.

Read the full article here.


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