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Recipe: 7-Ingredient Vegan Spanakopita

imagePhoto: Joana Mendes, Honest Cooking

I made a vegan spanakopita once.

It was delicious - a light and crispy crust, with layers of olive oil peeking through nooks and flaky cracks, all melded together by a deceptively gooey tofu cheese with hints of pine nuts, spinach, and garlic. I don’t remember where I got the recipe now, but I remember it being a lot of work.

Must have made it on a Sunday.

But - it was worth it, for the joy of coming home from work each day (probably for that whole week!) to another slice of tangy, smooth, crispy, and creamy spanakopita. Or better yet - packing a slice with my lunch.

That had to be at least three years ago, and upon finding this seemingly much simpler recipe (only 7 ingredients!), I am inspired to try making spanakopita again.

Yes, it’s summer, and yes, you’ll have to turn the oven on - but once that tray is baked to perfection, I think you’ll have something that speaks perfectly to the comfort, flavor, simplicity, and ease of the season.

Click here to get the recipe from Joana Mendes, on Honest Cooking.


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