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Potato Salad, Six Ways

imagePhoto: Lauren Ulm, Vegan Yum Yum

When I was growing up, I ate potato salad at school picnics, my friends’ pool parties, and the end-of-the-season family BBQs for my brothers’ baseball teams. I (admittedly) remember liking it - though what I was eating really tasted like mayonnaise and eggs, with potato-like lumps in between.

Having grown up, (in both age and palate), and become vegan, I hadn’t eaten potato salad in a long time - until a couple years ago, when I was craving something starchy to pair with a green salad. French fries would be too, well - fried. I did not want a sandwich - too heavy. And, then I found Lolo’s recipes for potato salad - two ways.

It was one of those joyous moments for young vegans - “Hey, I CAN eat [insert any food you missed from your previous life, but now know you don’t have to sacrifice]!”

Since that time, I’ve been delighted to discover a series of varied, innovative, simple yet sophisticated, recipes for potato salad - all of which taste contain ingredients that taste like their real selves, and impressively, only one of which calls for (vegan) mayonnaise.

With Memorial Day on the horizon, without further ado, I present to you my six favorite recipes for potato salad…

...and challenge you to make them for your non-vegan friends at your next get-together.

Tell me what you (and they) think!


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